Monday, November 25, 2013

*Review* Condemned To Die by Catherine Stovall

Title- Condemned To Die
Author- Catherine Stovall
Genre- Paranormal/ Paranormal Romance
Release Date- 2nd of September 2013
Publisher- Vamptasy Publishing

Review copy provided by the author.

Blurb- Nineteen-year-old Vega Williams is dead by her own hand, and her tormentors still walk the streets. The destroyers of one of the world’s last pure souls even attend her funeral in the guise of grieving loved ones. In fact, her funeral is nothing more than a social engagement to most of Oakdale’s finer society.
With their good intentions painted on their faces, they believe that their secrets and hate filled thoughts are safe behind the veneer of propriety. However, they didn’t count on Zane Allistor’s presence. The young man that not even Vega could have recognized turns out to be the reaper of the fallen girl’s vengeance.
Using his strange ability to read and manipulate minds, Zane tracks down those guilty for pushing the girl he loves past the point of no return and uses their misdeeds against them. In a bloody twist of fate, two hearts are united when death leads to life.

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Review- Catherine has stunned me with how much sorrow and emotion she has packed into this short 34 page story. Because the story is so short I cannot say a lot without giving too much away. But I will say this, Condemned To Die is beautifully written with a touching storyline and characters to match. 
Zane has the ability to delve into peoples minds, reading their thoughts, controlling their bodies, which is how he learns of the people responsible for pushing Vega to her limit and exacting her revenge on them. Learning of the events that brought the downfall of Vega was heartbreaking. What's more heartbreaking is the twist at the end when it is explained why she went through everything she did.
My question is, is there going to be a sequel? I sure hope so.
If you are looking for a short read that is worth your time then this is for you. For such a short story, it sure pulls on the heartstrings and leaves it's mark on you.
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