Thursday, November 21, 2013

*Review* Blue Into The Rip by Kev Heritage

Title- Blue Into The Rip
Author- Kev Heritage
Genre- YA Sci-Fi
Release Date- 7th of December 2013
Publisher- Massive Banger

Review copy provided by the author.

Blurb- Blue didn’t want to be in the future
…they didn’t want him there either

A rip in the fabric of time, a far-flung globally warmed future, a flooded Earth and the only remainder of civilisation – a militaristic organisation living underneath ‘Desert Amazon’…

Getting back home to rescue his little sister Annie was the only thing that mattered to messed up, mixed race teenager, Blue (named after his stupid, googly blue eyes) – and that was the problem – home was over four hundred years in the past.

Ripped forwards in time from his odd hippy parents, their peculiar house and his lonely school life, Blue had only one thing on his mind: return. But how does a lowly cadet in a militaristic Academy living in a post-apocalyptic future achieve such a goal, especially with the distractions of girls, pilot training, spacewalks and his almost constant unpopularity?

The more Blue found out about this flooded, gung-ho annoying future, about himself – who and what he was (was he even human?) – and the equally disturbing and shocking truth about his ‘parents’ – the more he realised getting home was the only solution. Wasn’t it?

If Blue knew one thing, it was that he would at least try.

3 Sassy Books!

Review by Michelle Mesics- This is not the type of book that I would usually choose to read, so I struggled quite a bit to get into this story. Not a good thing when you are asked to do a review! But once it got started the storyline did pull me in.

This book is set in the future, and has a very science-fiction style storyline. Blue, the main character, is a 15 year old boy from futuristic London, who doesn’t fit in because he is “different”, as are his parents. The book starts with Blue and his parents in the woods searching for his 2 year old sister Annie. Just as Blue hears her call out to him, there is an explosion and Blue wakes up in the future. It is now the year 2454, and Blue is now a Cadet of the Earth Corps Academy. He is accepted easily into the Academy “family” by the other cadets and works hard to adapt to his new life and to his training. But he never stops thinking of his family and how he can get back to them.

Although I did struggle with the content of this book, I did enjoy the story and the characters were really great. There is a lot of humour and sarcasm written into the story which I really liked. The dictionary meanings and descriptions that the author uses throughout the book were really good, they helped me out quite a few times! My favourite part of the book was when Blue was made to visit “The Museum of Indulgence”. This helped me understand a little more about the storyline and how the author created his future Earth. It will definitely have you thinking about the possible outcomes of global Warming and how it could affect future generations.The story has a lot of twists and surprises, which will keep you intrigued to what could happen next. With such an interesting plot, it would be quite easy for the author to write a sequel or two.

So if you think this book is up your alley, make sure you mark December 7 on your calendars!

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Thanks again to Kev for allowing Sassy Book Lovers to review for you and a big thankyou to Shell for helping with our review work load. Love your work!

Happy Reading!

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