Blog and Review Policies

We like to make Sassy Book Lovers a friendly place for everyone to visit. 

We also need to make everyone aware that we do have lives outside of our blog that do take priority over it.

Following are our guidelines which we hope will ensure our blog runs smoothly and without hiccups.

 Blog Policies

* Our families come first. So if the blog isn't updated daily it either means that our children and husbands are running amok and taking up all of our time.

* Negativity will not be tolerated. We do this because we enjoy reading and sharing with everyone our thoughts on everything to do with books. It is a real buzz-kill when people have nothing nice to say. So if you have nothing nice to say please don't say anything at all.  

*Plagiarism of our reviews will not be tolerated.  Reviews are owned and are to only be used by Sassy Book Lovers.

Review Policies

* We only accept review requests via email. So if you wish to have your book reviewed please email

* We reserve the right to not accept review requests. Please don't take offense if we don't accept your book. It may be that we are overwhelmed by requests or that your genre doesn't suit our audience. However we do try to cover as many genres as possible.

* Our reviews are based on our honest opinion and we reserve the right to post reviews whether positive or negative. We do not condone bashing authors and their books however if we think the  book is not good we have the right to say so.

* We reserve the right to post our reviews on any affiliated accounts we have with Sassy Book Lovers. This includes Facebook, Goodreads (personal or otherwise), Amazon etc.

* Although we like to keep to our scheduled post dates for our reviews, sometimes life does get in the way which means that a review may be delayed. But please know that it will be posted as soon as it possibly can be.

* Policies may be updated at any stage.

Thankyou for taking the time to read through our policies. We appreciate all of our followers and look forward to bringing you more updates about books and authors we love.

Renee & Stacey


  1. I love this series and I'm looking forward to #4

  2. I'm sorry to contact you this way. I've sent you 2 emails but they may be going to your spam box. I was wondering you're still interested in the Immortals by Ednah Walters blog tour. If so could you please contact as soon as possible? Thanks.

  3. Hi

    Would you be interested in participating in a blog tour between the days 20th of April and 20th of May for my erotica regency novel Tial of Love. There will be a number of giveaways hosted by Rafflecopter.

    1. my email is

  4. What format do you want for books to be reviewed?

    1. Hi Spencer,

      Renee and I both use Kindle formats mostly but are happy to except PDF also. :)

  5. Do you review both fiction and nonfiction books?


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