Monday, June 27, 2011

Book Review Starcrossed by Josephine Angelini

Title: Starcrossed
Author: Josephine Angelini
Released: 31st May 2011
Genre: YA, Fantasy, Mythology..
Published by: HarperTeen

Blurb:   How do you defy destiny?

Helen Hamilton has spent her entire sixteen years trying to hide how different she is—no easy task on an island as small and sheltered as Nantucket. And it's getting harder. Nightmares of a desperate desert journey have Helen waking parched, only to find her sheets damaged by dirt and dust. At school she's haunted by hallucinations of three women weeping tears of blood . . . and when Helen first crosses paths with Lucas Delos, she has no way of knowing they're destined to play the leading roles in a tragedy the Fates insist on repeating throughout history.
As Helen unlocks the secrets of her ancestry, she realizes that some myths are more than just legend. But even demigod powers might not be enough to defy the forces that are both drawing her and Lucas together—and trying to tear them apart.

My Rating: A Keeper

My Review: OMG this book literally blew me away. I'd heard so many great things about it and I entered every contest Josephine had to win an ARC copy (which I did) yay!! By the time I recieved it here in Australia it was so close to release date, but I have finally read it and am completely in love with this book. The cover is just to die for.

I just loved how Josephine wove Greek Mythology into her story. I never really studied Greek Mythology, but I remember learning a little about it in history class in high school and also through watching Hurcules and Zina on telly *giggles* I have to admit Hurcules was one of my fav shows when I was younger. Also through the movie Troy with Brad Pitt loved Helen of Troy *winks* 

Josephine did an amazing job, this book was so well written the characters are just awesome! This book has so many twists and turns you'll be on the edge of your seat wanting to keep reading to find out what happens next. This book is most definitely A Keeper.

Well done Josephine on an awesome debut novel.

I'd so love to be a DemiGod *winks*

I would recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

BUY LINKS Amazon  Book Depository Josephine Angelini's website

Also check out Josephine's Facebook page

Sunday, June 26, 2011

WINNERS of the Midsummer's Eve giveaway

Hey Book Lovers,

Sorry about announcing the winners a little late, my family is sick at the moment. Joys of winter! The winners have been contacted via email and will have 48hrs to respond otherwise we will choose different winners.

So without further adieu the winners are ...**DRUM ROLL**

First prize -      Reading Romance   $20 worth of books from the book depo.

Second prize -     Latisha Jean    2 Personalized bookmarks from our 2 albums.


Thanks so much to everyone who entered. We hope the winners will enjoy their prizes.

We Aussie girls have so much fun being apart of these blog hops, so keep an eye out for more awesome giveaways.

Hope your all having a wonderful and safe weekend.


Monday, June 20, 2011

Midsummer's Eve Giveaway Hop {NOW CLOSED}

Hey Book Lovers,

Our blog has joined in another blog hop...yay!! It's winter over here in Australia brrrr, it's so cold! So to help warm us up we are joining in with the Midsummer's Eve Blog hop.
Thanks to I am a reader, not a writer. There are over 270 blogs participating. Our blog is number 91 on the list.

Ok so this time we will have 2 prizes up for grabs. There's nothing better then laying back in the warm sun with a good book, so our first prize is $20 worth of books at the Book depo.
The Book Depository
Before entering please make sure they deliver to your country HERE

Our second prize is any 2 personalized bookmarks, here are 2 photo albums to choose from Album 1 , Album 2 you can have any name put on the back and believe us the photo's don't do them justice.

All you have to do to enter is you MUST be a follower of our blog, please share our giveaway either on facebook or Twitter and leave the links in your comment with your follower name and email addy so if your our winner we can contact you.

Thank you for stopping by and GOOD LUCK to you all.

Stacey & Renee

Don't forget to check out the other blogs participating.

There will be 2 winners 1st winner will win the $20 worth of books at the book depo and 2nd winner will get the 2 personalized bookmarks of choice. I will contact the winners by email and announce them on the blog tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our giveaway.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

WINNERS of the Blog Hop and "A Warrior's Witch" Giveaway.

Hey Book Lovers,
                    We have our lucky winners here and the prizes they have won. The winners are...**DRUM ROLL**

1. Shannon Johnson - Signed copy of Bastian by Elizabeth Amber
2. Mariela Silva - A Deena Remiel Fan Pk
3. Mary McCoy - Copy Of Season Of Eden by Jennifer Laurens
4. Dawn Doyle - A signed copy of Clarity by Jenna Kay
5. Clarissa P - An ebook of Anathema and a bookmark of Obliette
6. Little Ms Bookish (Claudine) - Copy of Ladybird,Ladybird by Abra Ebna
7. Renee Alford - A signed copy of Burn Bright and a signed c.d
8. Maria Smith - An ebook of Anathema and a bookmark of Obliette
9. Alice Priday - Signed copies of Barely a lady and Never a Gentleman also some signed trading cards.
10. Katrina Whittaker - Signed copy of Mignight's Wild Passion by Anna Campbell
11. Devon Marcus - Copy of Overprotected by Jennifer Laurens
12. Heather Powers - A Deena Remiel Fan Pk
13. Genevieve Begg (SydneyTwiMum) Signed copy of Vampire Mine by Kerrelyn Sparks
14. Lady Vampire - PDF of "Power Of The Moon" by Tina Carreiro
15. Yvonne Leacy - An ebook of Anathema and a bookmark of Obliette
16. Natasha House - Signed copy of Elemental Reality on release and a signed postcard.
17. Tiffany Falick - A signed copy of After Dark With A Scoundrel by Alexandra Hawkins
18. Angela Evans - A signed copy of Jessica's Guide To Dating On The Dark Side by Beth Fantaskey
19. Jade Walker - Copy of Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens
20. Kristina H - A Deena Remiel Fan Pk
21. Leanne Gagnon - A Deena Remiel Fan Pk
22. Jennifer Kalman - Signed copy of Betrayed by Ednah Walters
23. Lindsey Hutchison - Swag from Cynthia Hand and a Deena Remiel Fan Pk.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. We hope that your happy with your prizes and we thank you so much for joining us in our very first blog hop.

Also we'd like to thank the blogs that helped us out with the hop, THANK YOU!! **HUGS**

And now the lucky winner for the ebook of "A Warrior's Witch" is **DRUM ROLL**



Thanks to you all for joining us. Congrats again to all the winners, stay tuned cause we are in another blog hop or summer. Us Aussie's need something to warm us up (being winter here) *winks*

Hope your all having a fantastic and safe weekend.

Stacey and Renee

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Guest Post w/ Deena Remiel Author of Trinity

Hey Book Lovers,
            We have a very special guest today, the gorgeous Deena Remiel. She's going to give you all a peek into her book Trinity, so get comfy and Enjoy! *winks* Here's Deena...

Angel Love

I can't believe I'm going to say this but, I'm jealous of my heroines! I know it's my own fault. I wrote them, I introduced them to their delicious heroes. I made them fall in love. And yes, I wrote their love scenes. Me, me, me. And that's the problem! I did such a good job of bringing my heroes to life that now I yearn for them. Maybe I should write heroes that are not so handsome, not so lovable, not so damn hot. Then maybe I wouldn't be thinking about them all the time. But then again, neither would you. What a conundrum.

There are love scenes in Trinity and Relic that I think about as I fall asleep at night. I kick Emma or Serena to the curb and put myself in their place. Michael and Raphael never seem to mind. Smart men. Afterall, I can write them out of the picture. Only joking, ladies! I would never irreparably harm our Brethren hotties.

Back to dreaming. So there I am, drifting off to sleep when scenes pop into my mind. Here comes one right now...

{..."So, can I get you a cup of coffee or something?" Emma finally asked, her voice near breathless from the deafening silence that had grown between them.

"Or something." Michael replied, as he gathered her up in an embrace that took the rest of her breath away. His eyes hypnotized her with their deep oceans of blue and gold. And then, he kissed her. Oh so gently at first, nibbling at her bottom lip, masterfully parting her lips so he could enter and taste her. Then he slowly raised the temperature to blistering.

At first, her arms hung limply at her sides. But as his suduction deepened, she found her footing again, and her hands slide up his arms, caressing and gripping Michael's back and shoulder's. She couldn't seem to get enough of him as she fought with his tucked-in shirt. And then, she won the battle. Touching his smooth skin, his taut muscles clenched with every brush of her fingers. He lifted her off the floor, never once breaking their kiss, and she was surprised to find herself planted on the countertop.

"Oh God, Emma, do you know what you've been doing to me?" he growled. "Driving me crazy, woman. That's what." His lips left a feverish trail from her jaw line down her neck. "I need more of you, Emma. So much more."

Emma took his face into her hands and looked at him, his expression blurred by her own desire. She threw all caution to the wind. "My bedroom, Michael, take me there, now." She could barely speak anymore, she could barely think. He swung her up in his arms, never taking his focus off of her, and made his way to her bedroom.

He closed the door with his foot, and proceeded to lay her on the bed. Michael stood motionless.

Unwilling to let his uncertainty ruin the moment, Emma rose to her knees and slowly unbuttoned his shirt. What she revealed was every woman's fantasy, and yet he was here, with eyes and a body only for her. Muscles strained from the sexual tension and showed off their sculpted beauty. Emma couldn't stop herself. She leisurely ran her hands up and down his stomach and chest, teasing his taut nipples.

Michael brought her face up to meet his and ravaged her mouth with a kiss so deadly Emma thought she might never recover. As he eased back, he ripped off her shirt.


Emma hadn't worn a bra, and he'd known that all damn day. But finally, he was going to see and touch and taste what he's been craving so desperately. I can't believe I'm finally standing here in front of the most beautiful woman I've ever known. Six years! Six years I've dreamed of this moment. And now, she wants, me too.

"You're so beautiful, Emma, so damn beautiful. And I've wanted you for so very long." He reached out to hold her to him, skin to skin. Flames shot through his body from head to toe.

"Make love to me, Michael," she pleaded and then, merely whispered, "I need you so much it hurts."

No more words were necessary as he took her then and there. Thia was no unhurried, rainy Sunday morning kind of lovemaking. It was frantic, It was feral. It was his hands and mouth in a frenetic quest to explore every inch of her, and both of them in a heated battle to become one.

Emma's reactive body pushed his to the brink of madness. As he reached the climax of their lovemaking, Michael groaned in ecstasy and wings sprouted from his shoulder blades; large, snowy white, iridescent wings that reached from his shoulders down to his feet.

"Oh God, no!" he moaned. He looked at Emma in utter dread and tore away from her before she could say anything. He jumped off the bed, but didn't know where to go, so he staggered his way to the farthest, darkest corner of the room, turning his back to hide his humiliation...} © Deena Remiel, 2011.

Ahem! So that was, uh, just one of the scenes from Trinity. How would you like to fall asleep to that? I give you full access and permission to dream. For more scenes, you'll have to pick up a copy of Trinity, if you haven't done so already. I'd share another, from Relic, but I'm sworn to secrecy at the moment, so you'll just have to wait on that one. Michael should keep you well occupied in the meantime.

By the way, Trinity is so much more than love scenes, read the blurb!

One way or another, terror will reign tonight.

School teacher and single mom, Emma Livingston, has been through hell---and back so she thinks. While dealing with the night terrors and active imagination of her five-year old daughter, Hannah, she attempts to lead a normal life. That's is, until the demon from those nightmares pays her a visit, too, and threatens both their lives. Desperate, she reaches out for help---and finds Michael waiting.

Michael D'Angelo is known to everyone in Prophet's Point, Arizona, as their loving elementry school principal. But to The Brethren, he is the most powerful protector. Immortal and angelic does not mean he's without doubts or fears, as protecting Emma and Hannah from Evil tests his ability to fight his tortured past.

As the Trinity is formed, ancient secrets are revealed and faith is tested. When a prophecy is exposed, Hannah becomes the main target and Emma wonders if a normal life will ever be possible again. Hope is like an anchor, but can a mother, her daughter, and an angel overcome with evil determined to annihilate the world?

Web Links:

                                    Buy your copy
                                    Decadent Publishing
        1 Place For Romance

Phew *fans face* it's gotten really hot in here.
Thanks Deena, I know I'll be dreaming well tonight. *winks*
This book is just amazing, so go grab yourself a copy.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A Warrior's Witch Blog Tour Giveaway/Review

Hey Book Lovers, today we are apart of Stacey Kennedy's "A Warrior's Witch" Book Tour. Here's the gorgeous Stacey to tell you abit about her wonderful book and on how to win your own ebook copy.

It's time to party! Woot!! Thanks to Sassy Book Lovers for hosting me today and letting me share my new release! So, take a peak below, have a read, and if you like what you see---leave a comment with your email address to be entered to win a free ebook of, A Warrior's Witch ~ An Otherworld Romance.

Decades old guilt collide with a murder, igniting a battle with a warrior's soul to choose between love and duty....

Murder has brought Talon, Master of Guardians, as well as Zia, his witch and Master of Witches, to Chicago. The manner of death appears to be a suicide, but Talon is far from ready to close the case. To avenge the Guardian linked to his past, he agrees to take on the assignment, and find her killer.

As they dive deeper into the investigation, they find themselves entering a world where BDSM is the norm. A lifestyle that Zia is uncomfortable with and, rattled by this new development, she is more than ready to return to the Otherworld. But their investigation quickly takes an unexpected twist when they discover that they're not only hunting a killer but also someone who is controlling supernaturals in Chicago.

Their mission not only brings danger, but also forces Talon to deal with decades old guilt that corrodes his soul. Every event that unfolds only deepens his fight and pushes him to face an ultimate choice---what is more important---his duty to the Otherworld or the witch he holds closest to his heart?

Stacey Kennedy is an avid lover of the paranormal romance, urban fantasy and erotic romance genres. If she isn't plugging away at her next novel, tending to her two little ones, she's got her nose deep in a good book. She lives in Ontario, Canada with her husband. Be sure to drop her a line at, she loves to hear from her readers.
My Rating: A MUST READ!!

My Review: When I first saw this book I feel in love with the cover, it's just so eye catching and simply gorgeous!

Wow, just wow...I was literally on the edge of my seat through this book. Stacey doesn't disappoint, she takes you on a hell of a dangerous ride full of adventure, sexy danger, hot.. wild.. passion, a plot that keeps you hooked until the very end and your still left wanting more. Character's that you fall in love with.
I got teary a few times, hot and flustered *fans face* those love scenes woooo... also excitment and laughter all with in reading this story.

Talon and Zia being Master's of the Otherworld are investigating the murder of Whitlyn a former Otherworld Guardian and the mother of Talon's son Kyden. During the investigation they get thrown into a totally different lifestyle, starting with a BDSM club. Which spikes different interests for Zia, the passion between Talon and Zia is so smoking hot, it'll leave you in a puddle on the floor. *fans face* phew....smokin hot!! *winks* And so many other amazing characters that make this story great.

I'd recommend this book to anyone and everyone. Well done Stacey on another amazing story.

Here's your next stop on the book tour - Deea’s Journal
Thanks for stopping by and GOOD LUCK to everyone in the giveaway, just leave a comment with your email addy, ends 18th June.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Review/ Author Interview- When A Mullo Loves A Woman by JoAnne Kenrick

Title: When A Mullo Loves A Woman
Author: JoAnne Kenrick
Publisher: Decadent Publishing
Released: 26th May 2011
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Blurb: Is it love... or an echo from long ago?
Adam Flint's Gypsy visions always guide him to those who need his paranormal gifts. He gets more than he bargained for in Pearl Kizzy, a beautiful spitfire from Liverpool. Adam knows that to save Pearl, he must help her accept her own Gypsy heritage.
Although Adam and Pearl fight their burning attraction for one another, a night of passion sparks memories of their treacherous former lives. Unable to face the loss of Pearl in this century, Adam scrambles for distance from the love of his life. A rejected Pearl falls into the arms of a Mullo--a gypsy vampire--who lays claim to her heart--and her life.
To survive, Adam and Pearl must accept their tragic past, and find a way to kill the undead.

Rating: 4/5

Review: From the very start you are thrown into the guessing game. Which for me was great because I get bored easily. I went from “What is this mystery guy up to”, to “Celeste, I'm not liking you too much” and “What the heck is going on now?”... The subject of the book is just AMAZING! It's great to have a paranormal romance that doesn't have vampires and werewolves in it (not that I don't love them, because I do, so very much), but it's a nice and welcome change. Before reading this I had no idea what a Mullo was or even what the background of Gypsies were...

I found myself connecting to Pearl, wanting for her to found out more about this gorgeous mystery man so I could know about him myself (he sounds like a real spunk), wanting for her to find the truth so I could know what was going on, (I'm impatient). I did find it at times hard to keep track of Adam and Pearls relationship, also with Evan and Pearls relationship. Somewhat confusing, but hey, that makes a good read right? JoAnne definitely kept me interested with the ever changing dramas that kept unfolding throughout the book. Delving into the gypsy magic and learning about their legends was great. Something different. Which is what I was looking for. It's a book that takes you away for a little while. For such a quick read I felt like the characters really opened up a different place for me. Sure they are your normal college students but for someone (ie me) who never experienced that lifestyle it was really great. I also had a blast trying to guess who the bad guy is. It's pointless, because trust me you wont get it. My guesses were shot down every time. I would recommend anyone who loves romance or paranormal books to read this one. It's short and sweet but boy is it FANTASTIC! I WANT MORE!


Click here for > All you need to know about Mullo

Here's a few buying links, check out- Kindle USA , Kindle UK , Smashwords , Decadent Publishing and in paperback Amazon

Here's JoAnne with a Author reading


Wow it's finally here.

*waves* Hey Book Lovers we are the last stop on the blog hop, so by the time you reach us you should have your answer. If not that's ok I'll put the link up for the first blog below so if you did miss it you can hop on over and start the hop.

We have only 2 rules- we'd love for everyone to leave a comment on each blog even if it's just to say hi, let's us know your participating and actually seeing each blog.
The other is to just have fun! You'll see different blogs meet new people that LOVE reading, find new quotes and books, FUN!! It is international.

Here's the last clue, know what the quotes is? then fill in the form below.

I have so many favorite quotes but i've picked out 3 to share with you.

“When you give yourself to me, completely, I will bite you. Until then my love, I will only nibble on you.” "Power Of The Moon" by Tina Carriero (pinched from Tina's blog, I love this quote! Cole...*swoons*)

"And now I’m looking at you,” he said, “and you’re asking me if I still want you, as if I could stop loving you. As if I would want to give up the thing that makes me stronger than anything else ever has. I never dared give much of myself to anyone before – bits of myself to the Lightwoods, to Isabelle and Alec, but it took years to do it – but, Clary, since the first time I saw you, I have belonged to you completely. I still do. If you want me."  "City Of Glass" Cassandra Clare

"Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars, points of light and reason. ...And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason, for anything." "New Moon" Stephenie Meyer.

Ok now down to the good stuff we have a so many amazing prizes to giveaway, they have all been donated to us and we thank the authors and everyone else who donated very much.

Here's a list of the prizes up for grabs-

1. Twilight Watch donated by Endless Summer Clothing
2.Signed copy of "Burn Bright" by Marianne De Pierres and also a bonus signed soundtrack to the book. Check out photo's here
3. 2 signed books "Barely a Lady"and "Never a Gentleman" Also some trading cards from author Eileen Dreyer
3. Signed copy of "Clarity" by Jenna Kay she's also kindly thrown in 5 signed bookmarks.
4. Signed copy of "After dark with a scoundrel" by Alexandra Hawkins
5. Signed copy of "Jessica's Guide to dating on the dark side" by Beth Fantaskey
6. We have 3 books "Heavenly" "Season of Eden" and "Overprotected" by Jennifer Laurens
7. Signed copy of "Midnight's Wild Passion" by Anna Campbell
8. PDF copy of the amazing "Power of the Moon" by Tina Carreiro
9. 5 fan packs from the gorgeous Deena Remiel author of the amazing book "Trinity" these pks include signed book cover and signed postcards.
10. Signed copy of "Bastian" by Elizabeth Amber
11. 3 ebooks (smashwords voucher) of "Anathema" by Megg Jensen Megg has also included 3 Obliette (2nd book) bookmarks.
12. Signed copy of "Elemental Reality" by Cesya MaRae Cuono Cesya has also sent me some signe postcards as well to had to the mix. FYI The book is not released till August so the winner will not receive their prize until after release.
13. Copy of "Ladybird, Ladybird" by Abra Ebner
14. Signed copy of "Vampire Mine" by Kerrelyn Sparks
And we may have some other things to add to that list I know author Ednah Walters will also be contributing. Also author Cynthia Hand is sending some swag.

Thanks to all the blogs that have joined us and are making this hop possible, you guys are just awesome!

Here's the list of blogs in order just if anyone is having trouble.
1st stop -  Page Flipperz
2nd stop - Best Books
3rd stop - Tina Carreiro
4th stop - Hannah Downing
5th stop - when C Babbles
6th stop - United By Books
7th stop - Casey's Crew
8th stop - Brea Essex
9th stop - All Things Books
10th stop - Earth's Book Nook
11th stop - US

Good Luck everyone and HAVE FUN!!

Stacey & Renee


Oh and don't forget we have a guest post from Author Stacey Kennedy on the 11th June there will also be a giveaway.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Winners of the Power Of The Moon giveaway.

Thanks so much everyone who entered and i really hope you all enjoyed the interview and review. Also the first chapter of the book believe me it gets better! *winks* Ok, ok and the winners are..... **drum roll**

                                  Tracey Panton 

                                   Alice Priday 

Congratualtions ladies we'll be emailing you soon with what you've won. Thanks for everyone who entered. As I said on the last post we are having a fun blog hop of our own starts next week i'll put more details up soon and we have fantastic prizes...what's that you say prize(S), why yes we have loads to giveaway! *winks* Hope you join us.


Sorry it's taken so long to get our winner up here we've notified them and they have claimed their prize. So the winner of the $20 Book Depo books is **drum roll**


Thanks so much for everyone who entered. We have another blog hop of our own coming up soon with so many AMAZING prizes you won't wanna miss out! Have a wonderful weekend and Happy Reading! Oh, I will be announcing the winners for the "Power Of The Moon" giveaway also.


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