Saturday, November 2, 2013

*Review* Don't Tempt Me by Sylvia Day

Title- Don't Tempt Me
Author- Sylvia Day
Genre- Historical Romance/ Adult Fiction
Release Date- 24th of July 2013
Publisher- Penguin Book

Review copy provided by the publisher.

Blurb- Lynette Baillon's twin, Lysette, died in an accident. Or so Lynette believed until, at a seductive masked ball in Paris, sexy stranger Simon Quinn mistakes her for her sister. And Simon, who planned to hand notorious assassin Lysette Rousseau over to the French, finds his plans confounded.

However, on learning that her sister still lives -for now- Lynette vows to be reunited with her twin. Now she must enter a alluring but ensnaring underworld of dark and twister desires, where Quinn rules.

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Review- Sylvia Day never seizes to amaze me with her amazing ability to draw in her readers with an addictive, phenomenal storyline and sexy characters. Don't Tempt Me is no exception.
Set in the mid to late 1700's, Don't Tempt Me is a story of love, lust and deception as we follow Lynette and Simon on their journey to the truth while also dealing with the strong desires they have for each other. Fighting for the truth doesn't come easy for them. They are faced with threats and dangers at every corner which puts everyone they care about in jeopardy, with the culprit being someone so unexpected.
The storyline is full of drama, action and mystery. Mix this with Sylvia's signature smoking hot scenes and she has created the perfect read.
The characters are full of depth and relateable. Being set back in a different time period, Sylvia did so well to keep everything realistic to that period. From clothing and surroundings to language and the way the characters acted.

Don't Tempt Me is one MUST READ!
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