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**BOOK BLITZ** Lessons Learned by Jillian Neal w/ Guest Post & Giveaway

Lessons Learned
(The Gifted Realm #2) 
by Jillian Neal
Publication date: October 30th 2013
Genres: New Adult, Urban Fantasy
One, breathtakingly hot, passion-filled, night ignites a fire in his soul. Everything in his world should be nothing short of perfection…but he is Rainer Lawson.

His wild evening with Emily is the Realm’s front-page story. Could he have lost the respect of the man that has been like a father to him? Could his family’s hard-earned fortune really dissolve before his very eyes?

Evil rapidly cinches its chokehold, and everything his father fought and died for threatens to implode. Rainer attempts to protect those that he loves and satisfy the fiery passions between he and Emily, but everything in his world is spinning wildly out of control. His desire to prove himself could very well be his undoing.

Sometimes the best of intentions are not enough, but perhaps it is the trials by fire that make the man. Steel sharpens steel, and the passions burn white hot in “Lessons Learned.”



Jillian Neal is a New Adult author with a passion for passion. She tells strong character driven novels told from the male perspective. Her guys aren’t afraid to let us inside their minds or inside their bedrooms. Young love comes to life inside the author’s Realm along with sinister crime fighting, mixed in with a hearty dose of family. The engaging adventures will stretch your mind and keep you coming back for more.

Jillian lives outside of Atlanta with her husband, and children.


 During the blitz Lessons Learned is only $2.99 and book 1 - Within the Realm - is only $.99

Guest Post with Jillian Neal
The Power of Words

Well, my eldest DS has a math project that is due this Friday. The basic premise of the project is to prove that the world is driven my math. We have to gather things like graphs, store receipts, bar codes, business cards, coupons, and the like to show all of the many ways that we use math each and everyday. Now, mind you, I have no real issue with mathematics, other than I hated every single math class I was ever forced to endure. DH essentially guided me through high school math. Each day when we weren’t involved in some other vastly more important detail of our relationship like staring longingly into one another’s eyes, or discussing how disillusioning it was that our parents were so misguided in their thoughts and how little they knew about the “real world,” or making out, and then kissing, and then making out, oh and there was the kissing... sorry got distracted there for a sex.... no, I mean a sec, like a second... never mind.

Anyway, when we weren’t doing all of that, he was helping me pass everything from Algebra to Trigonometry. So, when DS said the words “math project,” I discreetly rolled my eyes. He handed me the rubric, and I scowled. “Math Drives The World” was the title. Now sure, I obviously do use math everyday. You know to calculate things like “50% off of summer sandals, or Buy One Sweater get another half off, or 5 pairs of panties for $26.” And these are all very important things, but to me, my world revolves around... Words!
I love words of all kinds. They fascinate me. I want to know their meanings and their origins. I want to say them and let them swim around on my tongue and feel them as they exit my lips. I am a writer after all. I tell stories by trade. My characters are alive in the words I type. They live in my heart and my soul, and words are the only means I have to tell their stories.
I looked up the definition of “bookish.” The second definition makes me grin. “More acquainted with books than real life.” I’ve been debating a tattoo for sometime. Something that would define me in picture format on my skin. Someone should probably simply artfully write the word “bookish” on me in indelible ink. More acquainted with books than real life... Yes! That’s me in a nutshell!
I’ve always loved to read. The fact that I became a writer seems to have surprised no one but me. Today, here on the site, you can check out my new “Bookshelf” page under the Books heading. Find out what I’m reading, or have been reading, or read over and over again. There’s a shelf of things I read for my writing. Want a clue as to what might be coming up in “The Gifted Realm,” check out what I’m reading for research.
Yesterday, Rick Riordan’s newest book, “House of Hades,” was released. Children and adults alike joined me in Barnes and Noble to acquire the next part of Percy Jackson’s fantastic tale. I had promised my sons that I would be there when the bookstore opened to make certain that they had their copy. After school, my youngest son raced through the front door, flung his backpack somewhere in the vicinity of my dining room, and clung to the book like he’d been handed a gold brick. The words became his life's breath. He absorbed them until they became a part of him. He read all afternoon, paused just long enough to rapidly consume his dinner, and then right up until the moment that he was forced to put the book down and get some sleep.
You see, it’s words that can weave an astonishing tale, words that help us defeat formidable foes, words that slay dragons, and words that build castles in the sky. Words got Rapunzel out of that tower. Words defeated Voldemort. Words carried Frodo to Mt. Doom. How many times has someone shouted numbers at you that wounded your soul and brought you to tears? How many times has someone you loved embraced you and whispered numbers in your ear to tell you how much you mean to them? How many times have you shared an integral moment in your life and spoke only in numbers?
“Math Drives The World?” I think not... but then I am woefully obsessed, forever absorbed, and endlessly fascinated with - words! After all, I'm nothing if not "bookish!"

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