Sunday, October 13, 2013

**BIRTHDAY BASH!* Family Magic by Patti Larsen


Welcome to the Family Magic Birthday Bash Extravaganza! Family Magic, the first book in Patti Larsen’s epic 20-book Hayle Coven young adult series, is having its second anniversary–and we’re bringing the magic, fun, and awesomeness to this birthday celebration!

Join author Patti Larsen and Badass Marketing for a week of fun, contests, giveaways, never-before-shared deleted scenes, and a kick-ass scavenger hunt that will have you looking for magic in unexpected places!

Syd's mom's a witch. Her dad's a demon. Is it any surprise her "aunt" is a vampire? Meet Sunny Dewinter.


Name: Teresa Wilhelm/Sunny Dewinter

Age: 500+

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue


Born in Austria many years ago, Sunny was made a vampire and brought into the Wilhelm clan by their leader, Yvette. After centuries of service and soul searching, Sunny left her vampire family behind to make her own way, but not without personal cost.

She met and fell in love with latent witch Frank Hayle and, to save his life, brought him over to the undead. Now inseparable with her handsome boyfriend, she and Frank live in close connection to the Hayle Coven, their cupboards housed in the family basement, her love for the family more powerful than her loyalty to her new one and, at times, even to the one she left behind.

About Family Magic

Family Magic by Patti Larsen
Her mom's a witch.

Her dad's a demon.

And she just wants to be ordinary.

I batted at the curl of smoke drifting off the tip of my candle and tried not to sneeze. My heavy velvet cloak fell in oppressive, suffocating folds in the closed space of the ceremony chamber, the cowl trapping the annoying bits of puff I missed. I hated the way my eyes burned and teared, an almost constant distraction. Not that I didn't welcome the distraction, to be honest. Anything to take my mind from what went on around me.

Being part of a demon raising is way less exciting than it sounds.

Sydlynn Hayle's life couldn't be more complicated. Trying to please her coven, starting over in a new town, and fending off a bully cheerleader who hates her are just the beginning of her troubles. What to do when delicious football hero Brad Peters--boyfriend of her cheer nemesis--shows interest? If only the darkly yummy witch, Quaid Moromond, didn't make it so difficult for her to focus on fitting in with the normal kids. Add to that her crazy grandmother's constant escapes driving her family to the brink and Syd's between a rock and a coven site. Forced to take on power she doesn't want to protect a coven who blames her for everything, only she can save her family's magic.

If her family's distrust doesn't destroy her first.

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