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Book Review: MORE by Clare James w/ Excerpt, Character Interview & Giveaway

(Before You Go, #2)
By Clare James
Genre: New Adult
**Due to language & sexual content recommended for 18+**
One summer.
One chance to forget the past.
One opportunity to make things right.

There’s no denying the heat between Jules Taylor and Foster Sutton. They are two wild souls with a fire burning inside. Together, they create a hot and dangerous mix of emotion and lust.

But after a terrible accident leaves one friend dead, Foster is bound by a secret that keeps him from getting closer to Jules. And he’s left with only one thing to offer her – friendship.

For Jules, her relationship with Foster is getting old. He falls down and she picks him up, but they never move forward. Their occasional hook-ups are no longer enough, and Jules vows that this is her summer to forget Foster and find love. If it were only that easy.

It seems fate is pushing Jules and Foster together at every turn. And it’s only a matter of time before they give up and give in.



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My Review:

And she's done it again Ladies and Gentlemen, another story you'll get completely lost in.

There are two sides to every story and in MORE we get both those sides. I love knowing what both main characters are thinking, helps me bond with them more.

I absolutely loved Jules from Before You Go (Book 1) and I love her even more now. She just brings a unique spark to any story and I'm so happy that we got to read about hers. I also love how Tabby and Noah are back and we get to read how they're going. You can read MORE as a stand alone but I totally recommend reading Before You Go first.

Jules and Foster have been friends for like.. forever and they both have hidden feelings about each other but are too scared to let them be known. Jules has been through hell and considers Foster her knight in shining armour, the man of her dreams, the man she wants to be with.. always.
Jules is just amazing, she always makes me smile. I love her wit and how she will never let anything put her down. She definitely has a strength about her. I said it before and I'll say it again.... Tabby is a lucky girl to have Jules as a best friend.
Foster, he's also had a troubled past with so much booze and girls. He pines after Jules and wishes with every waking breathe that he could be the man she needs. Poor Foster just doesn't believe he is good enough for her and always second guesses himself. Foster is sweet, kind and a little rough around the edges but definitely a man you can sink your teeth in to (Don't tell Jules I said that, she'd bitch slap me. lol).

I swear the paint started peeling off my walls it got that HOT in here, LOL! Clare James has really brought her game. The chemistry between Jules & Foster is just so intoxicating, you just get lost in a world of pure love & lust. And that bath scene...HOLY BLOODY MOLY!!! And there goes the paint again.. lol.

Just writing this review makes me wanna pick the book back up and read it again. Hmmm I think I just might do that.

So what are you waiting for? Go get your copy of both books NOW!! Believe me you won't wanna miss these babies!


MORE excerpt:
I can’t fake it any longer. I can’t watch some asshole make the moves on Jules when I know she is supposed to be with me. She knows it too. We would be together if I didn’t fuck up, if I wasn’t such a head case that I let the best thing that ever happened to me slip through my fingers.
Losing myself, unable to think rationally any longer—knowing she’s soft and wet and ready after already making her come—I let go. I enter her with so much force, burying into her with everything I have to give.
“Jules,” I grunt, suddenly worried I hurt her.
She responds by digging her nails into my back.
I almost explode in that moment. I’m possessed, consumed with this woman, and I want to mark each inch of her body. I take everything I can from her. I pillage her mouth; her soft full lips drive me mad. I knead her soft, perky breast that fits my hand perfectly.
Her moans tell me she’s just as greedy.

Interview with Foster:
Q: So Foster, that was quite the scene.
Foster: Tell me about it. I just had to readjust.
Q: You know, I’m having a hard time pinning you down. Are you an alpha male or the sweet and sensitive type?
Foster: Do I have to choose? Look, I’m not going to lie. When I’m around Jules, the caveman instincts kick in, but I’m not a bossy prick. If I was, I don’t think Jules would stick around. Plus, I love to take care of her. Didn’t you read the bath scene?
Q: Yeah, speaking of that. Were those scenes premeditated? Do you plan those moments or do you fly by the seat of your pants?
Foster: There are no pants involved. I’ve been hot for the same woman for years, so I don’t think there’s a scenario I haven’t planned with her. The girl makes me insane…in the best way.
Q: What is it about Jules that gets your boxer briefs in a knot?
Foster: Where do I start? Jules is gorgeous but she doesn’t know it, and that is incredibly attractive. She’s smart, but doesn’t flaunt it. She’s tough and sassy, yet the sweetest person you’ll ever meet. And she has a mouth on her that won’t quit—we’ll leave it at that.
Q: Nice answer. I think you’ll have all the readers swooning with that one. So, you are a chef. Tell me, what makes food so sensual and what is the sexiest meal you’ve ever made?
Foster: I’m not sure if there is anything more pleasurable than eating and sex. If you can combine the two, then you know how to live. The sexiest meal that I’ve ever made? It was for Jules, of course: ice cold martinis with olives, roasted crab legs and artichokes, and chocolate covered strawberries. We ate the entire meal with our hands. I’ll just leave you with that image…

The author has generously donated an e-copy of book one Before You Go & More for one lucky winner. 

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