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EXCLUSIVE- Her Master's Kiss 5 Sneak Peak by Vivien Sparx

Well hello there HMK, Vivien Sparx, BDSM, erotica fans!
And if you're not a fan of these, you soon will be!

First of all, how amazing is the cover!!!

So I have a little bit of information for you all which I know you are all dying to hear about!
What can we expect in HMK5, when it will be released and I also have an exclusive excerpt for you all!
PLUS enter the amazing competition that Vivien has set up for all of you.

‘Her Master’s Kiss 5’ has been long anticipated by many thousands of fans around the world. The original story, ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ spent almost 6 months as one of Amazon’s Top 500 bestsellers.
Here are some exclusive snippets of information about the final story.

1) Although it is the final book in the ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ series, author Vivien Sparx leaves the door wide open for a possible sequel series featuring Tink and her new Master, Peter.

2) Tink and Master Peter feature heavily throughout ‘Her Master’s Kiss 5’.

3) There is no tragedy! In fact ‘Her Master’s Kiss 5’ does fulfill the author’s promise to end the series with the happily-ever-after that readers worldwide have waited to read – but happiness never comes without a struggle….

4) ‘Her Master’s Kiss 5’ is perhaps THE sexiest book in the collection. The erotic scenes throughout the story are some of the most intense, sexy pieces of writing Sparx has ever penned.

5) Once again the BDSM lifestyle features heavily throughout the storyline. Sparx has been acknowledged by authorities within the lifestyle as one of the most accurate writers there is in the world today, and once again her scenes in ‘Her Master’s Kiss 5’ are authentic and realistic.

The first 4 books in this amazing erotic romance series are currently available from Amazon. You don't much time before ‘Her Master’s Kiss 5’ (the goodbye Kiss) is released. If you want to be part of the conversation about the new book, now is the perfect time to download your copies of the first four stories and catch up on your erotic reading!

Here is your exclusive excerpt of
Her Master's Kiss 5 

Renee threw her arms around Stefan’s neck and pulled his face down to her mouth. She made a sexy, aroused purring noise in the back of her throat – a contented, delighted moan as their lips brushed. Then the sounds became all together more urgent as Renee’s tongue searched and flickered inside Stefan’s mouth. Her breathing began as short gasping sounds of her desire, and she felt her nipples harden against the lacy restraint of her bra. She brushed her body against Stefan’s hard muscled chest, and the sparks of electric excitement were a wicked tease.

“I’ve missed you,” Renee muttered, her mouth alive and her tongue probing deeper as they continued to kiss. She could feel sparks of excitement setting tiny fires on her skin at every point her body pressed against his. Deftly, she raised the hem of her dress up to her thighs, spread her legs wide, and then straddled Stefan, so that she was facing him, sitting astride his lap.

Renee felt herself shudder. Suddenly it was as if all the tiny fires caught alight and became a blaze between her legs. She could feel the sudden rush of her wet arousal within her panties, and the heat there was damp and fragrant with the heady scent of her own arousal. She bucked her hips deliberately, grinding the soft mound of herself against the denim of Stefan’s jeans, and then pressed down hard upon him, her undulations almost beyond her will to control.

“God!” Renee gasped, “I have missed this, Stefan.”

She felt Stefan’s hands encircle her, his fingers kneading the firm shape of her bottom, but she longed to feel the slide of his fingers below the fabric of the dress. She moved again above him, rubbing herself in small circular motions against the thickness of his thigh. “Please!”

Stefan slid his hands up the back of Renee’s dress and felt for the zip, drawing it down slowly, so that she could feel cool air against the skin of her back as the zip slid lower. Finally, when the zip could go no more, Stefan’s hands went searching between Renee’s spread thighs.

“Yes!” she hissed almost savagely with pleasure. She felt the tips of his fingers high up on the inside of her thigh and she raised herself up off his leg to give him better access. She closed her eyes and slumped forward against him, pressing her breasts hard against his chest and resting her head in the crook of his neck. She felt her breath hitch in her throat as Stefan’s fingers lazily crept closer and closer to the damp heat. Her whole body seemed to be trembling. The anticipation of his touch was an exquisite torture and she bit down hard on her lip to stifle an impatient gasp.

Stefan’s thumb brushed across the sheer silky lace of her panties, and then a moment later Renee felt the palm of his hand cupping the smooth softness of her mound. She groaned again, this time as a long exhalation of warm breath against his cheek.

“Yes,” she said once more, but this time as a whisper. “Please.”

Steamy or what!?! 
 So I suppose you want to know when HMK5 will be released?

 The Final instalment of the bestselling ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ series will go live for sale on Amazon on the 31st of May 2013!

So if you haven't already started the series head on over to AMAZON to get your copies now!
And while you are there you can check out Vivien's other projects. 

Now onto that competition!



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I hope you have all enjoyed your exclusive sneak peak into Her Master's Kiss 5 and that you have all marked your calendars for May 31st!

Thankyou to Vivien for choosing us to deliver her exciting news to you all.

Happy Reading! 

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