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**COVER REVEAL & GIVEAWAY** StepSister Devotion by Eve Cates

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 StepSister Devotion
The Complete Series
Author: Eve Cates
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: April 29, 2015

Forbidden love between a stepbrother and a stepsister. Told from the male point of view. 18+ due to sex scenes and language.

She had me at the word Run.

I first met my stepsister, Abigail Dorset a wedding – my father had left my mom and married hers; I went there expecting to hate her.

Instead, I found something much worse, I found my soul mate. It was in the form of a girl who looked just like Snow White, and just like in the fairy tale, there was a wicked stepmother who would do everything in her power to keep control over her daughter's destiny. Being a Dorset meant you have to marry into the right gene pool and appear to be of the highest moral code. Abigail's life was mapped out the day she was born. I was seen as bump in the road – a deviant boy who needed to be avoided at all costs. So my stepmother kept us apart or so she thought.

From the moment we met, Abigail and I knew there was something – some invisible force that makes two people want the one thing they can't have. But we wanted it anyway. Over the years, we would fight and lie, sneak and hide – we'd hurt those around us in our need to be together in whatever way we could.

But most of all, we'd hurt each other and we'd hurt ourselves, all in a bid to figure it out and find a way to finally be together because every day we spend apart feels like dying.

A life with love is magical. Without it, living is torture.

Follow Sebastian Hawke and Abigail Dorset as they embark of a journey of love and devotion, kept secret, spanning years. Watch, as it drives them together and tears them apart before bringing them together again, older and wiser, ready to find a way – to do whatever it takes – because being apart from the one person you were born to love, isn't an option.



"Shhhh!" I hiss over my shoulder as I lead Abi up the stairs to my favorite place when I'm here.

"Why? It's not like they can hear us on the other side of the Manor."

"Just, just humor me, OK?"

She traces her fingers along her lips like she's pulling a zip, locking it then throwing away the key. I have to swallow before I can speak.


Reaching up, I pull at the cord that hangs from the ceiling, revealing the ladder that leads up to the attic. When I look down, I catch her staring at the space where my t-shirt has lifted and exposed my stomach. She bites her lip, looking at me with those blue eyes that seem to darken and speak words that neither of us are saying out loud, even though both of us feel this connection we have. We felt it the first time we met. We understand what we are to each other, and it isn't siblings.


She looks at me with her brows raised and I sweep my arm, gesturing that she should go first. She takes a hold of the ladder and in her tiny white shorts, I get a pretty awesome view of her ass as she climbs ahead of me.

Suddenly, my hormones take over and my hands reach up on their own and grip her waist, leaning forward and taking her flesh in my mouth, biting down just enough to cause her to flinch and let out a quiet yelp. She pauses her ascent and looks down at me, her eyes dancing. "You just bit me."

"I'm going to do a hell of a lot more than that up there."

"I'm counting on it."

She turns to climb again but I tighten my grip, waiting until she turns back to me.

"I know what I want if I win the bet," I state, my voice low and quiet.

"What's that?" she whispers.

My fingers move, brushing lightly over the soft skin of her abdomen and an intense need swells inside me. "You."

She smiles at me, an amused expression on her face and I realize that this girl holds an obscene amount of power over me. More than anyone else in this world. She's the girl of my dreams. After that first meeting I was hooked, and no girl has ever compared. And I wonder if they ever could.

"You don't need to win the bet for that."

Sliding from my grip, she continues up the ladder with a burst of feminine laughter. I follow her up into the dimly lit attic and pull up the ladder to shut the entry. She isn't there when I look up, so I look around, trying to find her. There is so much stuff up here, so many places to hide, that she could be anywhere.

I walk straight ahead, past shelves of boxes and books, past stacks of artwork and portraits, past old Persian rugs and tapestries, and chests filled with the clothes and shoes of a lost era.

"Abi?" I call out, knowing we won't be heard up here.

Another burst of laughter changes my direction, and I head toward the old armoires that stand with various other pieces of furniture near the back wall.

"Where are you?"

I hear the bolt of the trap door slide, and I know she's just locked us in. My cock grows hard just knowing we're alone and won't be interrupted.

I head back to the entrance and over to the small area I've set up as my retreat where the acoustic guitar still lies on the couch where I discarded it earlier. I've also collected some of the more interesting books that were boxed up here. It's a comfortable, private hangout and I've even added an old gramophone.

"Where are you?" I call out, looking from left to right, spotting my own reflection in an age affected mirror.

"Turn around," she says, and I spin, finding her right behind me.

Instantly, she wraps her arms around my neck and rises on her tiptoes, her five foot six frame tiny beneath my own six feet.

"Do you know how long I've been wanting you?" I ask in a whisper as she looks up at me through thick lashes, the look causing my body to respond with all the desire I've been harboring for years.

'Probably for as long as I've wanted you."

"I was born wanting you."

About The Author


Eve Cates is a twenty-something author of contemporary erotic romance. She loves all things naughty, demanding men and difficult situations (pass the popcorn please). Her first series, StepSister Devotion, will be told in four parts, releasing via Kindle Unlimited.

Eve has loved writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and penned a note to her imaginary friend 'Pok'. Accused of being a 'dreamer' as she grew, she's taken that notion and turned her daydreams into stories to delight and satisfy her readers.

When she isn't writing, you'll find her at home with her husband, four children, and two dogs.


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