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**RELEASE DAY EVENT** Grimnirs by Ednah Walters

(A Runes Novel)
By Ednah Walters
Release Date: 2nd December 2013
Publisher: Firetail Publishing
Presented by: As You Wish Tours
Banner made by: Julia Hendrix
 One lost love
One lost best friend
One hot soul reaper

Straight out of the psyche ward, Cora just wants her life to be normal. She doesn't want to see souls or the reapers collecting them. The love of her life, the guy she's loved from a distance for years, has moved away without saying goodbye. So yes, she's nursing a serious brokenheart. It's no wonder love is the last thing on her mind when Echo storms into her life.
The chemistry between them is mind blowing. The connection defies logic. It doesn't help that Echo is the poster boy for everything she hates in a guy--hot, beautiful, and cocky. A general pain-in-the-butt. Being around him makes her feels more alive than she's ever felt before. But more important, the souls leave her alone when he is around. 

Echo is perfect for her. Echo might even be her soul mate. There is only one problem. Echo is a freaking soul reaper. A grimnir. The very being she want out of her life. Maybe normal is overrated because Cora wants it all. Answers. Love. A life. You see, once you fall for a Grimnir, your life will never be the same again.
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"You, doll-face. Why are you having a shitty day?"
I glared ahead. "Because you are screwing with my head. How come you keep saying things I don't remember?"
"I told you. The Norns put a whammy on you."
"Deities of destiny. Mean, bitter hags. They control the destiny of all beings--Mortals, Immortals, even the Gods. Interestingly, I just found out why they targeted you and erased your memories."
"Why?" Not that I believed his rambling.
"Say please."
I was tempted to ignore him, but something weird had happened to me and I wanted answers. I eased the car into a parking spot across from the school, switched off the engine, and turned to look at Echo. He was dressed in all leather again today. I realized that what I'd assumed was a leather shirt was actually a vest of some kind. Once again, he wore fingerless gloves and silver gothic rings with weird markings.
"Please," I sad through clenched teeth.
He touched his lips "I want a kiss, too."
I narrowed my eyes. "Why are you such a tool all the time? You think this is fun for me? Not remembering things? Waking up one morning and seeing souls? Ending up in a psych ward, where they pump me full of drugs, then coming home only to be met by you, a reaper?"
"Grimnir," he corrected then frowned. "Are those the fake memories the Norns gave you? Psych ward? That's just wrong."
"I was in a psych ward," I snapped.
He raised his hands. "Okay. No need to get snippy."
"I'm not----"
He covered my mouth then smirked when I bit his hand. I bore down until I tasted blood. He didn't even wince. His grin broaded instead.
"Drink my blood, doll-face. Bond with me for eternity."
The thought was scary. I pushed his hand away and wiped my mouth.

"Ew. Can your blood do that?"
He laughed.
"Will you be serious for even a second?" I asked.
"Don't you want to be mine forever?"
"Ew, no." I made a face. "I don't even like you."


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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Ednah Walters has done it again, another brilliant, amazing, exhilarating addition to the RUNES series.

I've been in a reading slump for months, I think I've read one book and was completely lost. I got the email about Grimnirs and was over the moon, I knew Ednah's work would help me get my reading groove back, and I wasn't wrong. I started Grimnirs yesterday (a few days ago now, lol) and have finished it today, less than 24hrs after starting, I was utterly glued to my iPad. I cooked dinner while reading, I rushed to get my 3 kiddies into bed so I could get back to the story. Ednah always leaves me speechless, I'm at a loss for words on how fantastic these books are.

Grimnirs is told from Cora's POV with a little of Eirik mixed in the beginning. It was different hearing from Cora and not Raine, but a good different.

Life's been different for Cora since the huge pool/lighting disaster and it's been hard to get things back to normal. Being sent to a psych ward isn't exactly a dream vacation, even worse the feeling of being abandoned by your friends, in the moment you really need them. Yeah, doesn't make things easier!
Not long after she returned home, she was out with her mother when she met a strange hooded boy who for some reason claimed to know her and in an intimate way. His name was Echo, he kept popping in and hot *coughs* I mean, "out" of Cora's life. From there things got even weirder but she also over time discovered truths about what was going, and what was happening to her. Feelings began to grow and strong connections formed.

We have our old and awesome characters back from books 1 & 2 and we also get introduced to a couple of newbies. Gahhhh I can't praise Ednah's writing skills enough, the feeling of being sort of the story is always there, it feels like you're returning to family not book characters. I've said it s thousand times but it's absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!

Move over Torin St James, you have a new rival...Echo! ;-) Ladies, both these boys will steal your heart. They have the ability to make you swoon like a girl in love for the first time. *sigh*

Damn Ednah, you sure know how to get a girl all flustered and lusting after book boyfriends!!! ;-)

This series is A MUST READ!!! Looking for something new and exciting? Something that will sweep you away on a mystical adventure, you'll make life long friends and probably close the book with a new book boyfriend crush. All this awaits for you in book 1, RUNES. Join the RUNES craze!!! ^_^

Author Bio

Ednah Walters grew up reading Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and dreaming of one day writing her own stories. She is a stay-at-home mother of five humans and two American short-hair cats (one of which has ADHD) and a husband. When she is not writing, she's at the gym doing Zumba or doing things with her family, reading, traveling or online chatting with fans.
Ednah is the author of The Guardian Legacy series, a YA fantasy series about children of the fallen angels, who fight demons and protect mankind. AWAKENED, the prequel was released by Pill Hill Press in September 2010 with rave reviews. BETRAYED, book one in the series was released by her new publisher Spencer Hill Press in June 2012 and HUNTED, the third installment, will be released April 2013. She's working on the next book in the series, FORGOTTEN. Visit her at
Ednah also writes YA paranormal romance. RUNES is the first book in her new series. IMMORTALS is book 2. She just released book 3, GRIMNIRS December 2, 2013. Read more about this series and the world she's created here
Under the pseudonym E.B. Walters, Ednah writes contemporary romance. SLOW BURN, the first contemporary romance with suspense, was released in April 2011. It is the first book in the Fitzgerald Family series. Since then she has published four more books in this series. She's presently working in book six. You can visit her online at
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