Friday, March 24, 2017

**RE-RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW** The Lonely Girl by Gracie Wilson

 The Lonely Girl
Author: Gracie Wilson
Genre: New Adult
Publisher: Blue Tulip Publishing

Being Lonely is only the beginning…


One night can change it all. One argument can leave you reeling. A look can take you to a place you can never return from again. What happens when one day, you wake up and find your world has been turned upside down? The person you love is gone. The life you thought you’d have is no longer one you see being able to get back to. You lost the one person you loved more than anything. They tell you to move on, try. For them. It’s what they would want. But is it really? So I try.

This time, will be different. I slowly start to put the shattered pieces of my heart back together, only to have it broken again, by someone I thought I trusted. My heart’s barely healed, my world just starting to make sense again, when tragedy and devastation strikes. My circumstances leave me asking one question… Is it worth the risk to love again?

My Rating:

My Review:
 I loved the first 50% of this story, the emotions were so real and I just couldn't stop my heart aching for Becca, but once she started school with her brother it started to go downhill from there. Becca just started to frustrate me so much. I know she has been through hell and back and I can't blame her for not wanting to be alone but the love triangle she created just kept causing drama after drama and hurting herself and others along the way. She needs to pick one boy and let the other go or walk away from both and start fresh. Especially after everything she's been through, it was hard seeing her suffer so much. 

For some reason though I just couldn't stop reading cause I wanted to know how it was all going to end. By the end of this story I was intrigued enough to pick up the next book.

Would I recommend this book? Yes, I would. I may have been put off a bit by this love triangle but it was still a good story and worth reading.


Look for her in the trees enjoying nature’s wonders, traveling to see the latest animal conservations, or at aquariums all around the world. This girl loves nature and all animals. She has many pets and is always adding new additions. The more the merrier in her mind. Sitting under the shade reading a book, letting the world around her pass by, while she is safe in her bubble of imagination. Well, that is where she’d love to stay. She is a softball player, can be talked into the occasional Karaoke and loves going out to dance. She is a first generation Canadian living in Ontario. Her family is from Scotland, so finding her in the hot sun for very long is unlikely, but give her rain and thunderstorms and she’s golden.

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