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Blog Tour with Excerpt & Giveaway - Legally Charming by Lauren Smith


Today is our blog tour stop for Legally Charming by Lauren Smith! Grab your copy of this sexy new contemporary romance and follow the tour! 



About Legally Charming:


Felicity Hart has one goal: Completing her masters in art. Falling in love isn’t part of the plan. She reluctantly agrees to attend a Halloween party with her best friend. After sneaking away from the party and falling asleep in an unoccupied room, she wakes to the sexiest pair of eyes she’s ever seen. Eyes that belong to the one man who could turn her well organized world upside down. When he flashes that wicked, panty-melting smile at her the vow to not fall in love seems impossible…


Jared Redmond used to be the ultimate bad boy. But now his legal career is taking off and the partners of his firm are trusting him with high-dollar real estate transactions. Jared’s king-size bed is empty. But when he arrives home on Halloween to find a princess sleeping in his bed – his all work and no play attitude goes out the window. There’s nothing he wants more than to explore the hidden desires of this mysterious beauty and show her just how much of a bad boy he really is by fulfilling her every fantasy.


Underneath the glitter of this fairy tale romance, Felicity and Jared might have found true love. But the mounting pressure of their real lives takes hold again and Jared and Felicity are pulled further and further apart. Can they find their fairy tale ending or will they be left with the dying embers of what could have been?

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Felicity sighed and dropped her clutch on her bed. What an awful, embarrassing night. She was going to kill Layla for this.

But I was dumb enough to think I could go to a dance club where I knew I’d get stuck in crowds. She had to own up to her own idiocy. She just wished Jared hadn’t seen her pass out like that.

She covered her face with her hands. Her fingers were icy from being gloveless in the cold, but they felt good on her flushed face.

Large masculine hands settled on her shoulders, then slid under her collar as they removed her coat.

“Let’s get you into bed,” Jared murmured, his warm breath fanned over her left cheek. How could he do that? Make her feel so safe and warm and yet desperate for more of what his hot gazes promised? Maybe it was time to stop fighting her desires and just surrender to them?

“Bed?” A little shiver rippled through her, but it wasn’t from the cold.

He chuckled. “So you can rest.”

Something wild and completely unlike her took over. “No reason you can’t join me.” She started to turn around, but his hands gripped her waist and held her still. She’d been trying not to think about it for the last few days, but the truth was…she wanted to be with him. She wanted to experience making love, and for the first time in her life, she knew who she wanted to be with. After going out with Thad tonight and failing miserably at a casual date, it was obvious what her choices were. To stay alone…or to be brave and go after what she wanted. Jared.

“Felicity, I’m not a saint. Please, don’t tempt me, not when I want you as bad as I do.” His voice was ragged, a breathless whisper. His fingers dug into her waist a little as he begged.

There it was, that glimmer of hope, that single silver star in her night sky that reassured her that life hadn’t sucked her into a black hole. She rested her hands on his wrists and squeezed in response.

“Stay the night. Nothing else has to happen.” A silent prayer for more went unheard by him, but the feeling of it rang through her body like a clear bell. If she kept gently nudging him toward sex, she’d get what she wanted.

He laughed, the sound rich with amusement. “Princess, you really don’t know a thing about men.”

Her breathing quickened with irritation, and she knocked his hands away from her body as she turned on him. Why did he always have to make this about her age? She was twenty-four, she wasn’t a child, and it wasn’t like he was ancient. He was only thirty—they weren’t that far apart in age.

“I may not know a lot, but you don’t have to make me feel like a kid,” she snapped.

His eyes narrowed, their focus falling to her lips. “I don’t you think of you as a kid. Trust me, that’s exactly the problem.”

“Then why are you being such a jerk?” Her entire body was tense, and her muscles were screaming for some release of the energy that filled her from head to toe.

He stepped closer, their bodies almost touching. “If I don’t remind myself to stay away, I’ll end up doing things to you I shouldn’t, princess, starting on that bed behind you and probably moving on to any other flat surface in the next several hours. You aren’t ready for that. Trust me.”



About Lauren Smith

Lauren Smith is an Oklahoma attorney by day, author by night who pens adventurous and edgy romance stories by the light of her smart phone flashlight app. She knew she was destined to be a romance writer when she attempted to re-write the entire Titanic movie just to save Jack from drowning. Connecting with readers by writing emotionally moving, realistic and sexy romances no matter what time period is her passion. She’s won multiple awards in several romance subgenres including: New England Reader’s Choice Awards, Greater Detroit BookSeller’s Best Awards, Breakthrough Novel Award Quarter-Finalist and a Semi-Finalist for the Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Award. To connect with Lauren, visit her at

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