Thursday, March 21, 2013

Review- Ezekiel's Bones by Kimberly J. Fuller

Title- Ezekiel's Bones
Author- Kimberly J. Fuller
Genre- Paranormal
Release Date- 8th of June 2012
Publisher- Bare Bones Publishing

Review copy provided by author.

Blurb- Genevieve Roeman’s world is typical for a seventeen-year-old with an affinity for graveyards and sarcasm. Aside from an obsessively clean and embittered mother, an extroverted best friend, and a step dad and step brother that she actually likes, life usually rolls along just fine. Until the day the new girl, Ellie, shows up at school. Suddenly, things aren’t so typical anymore.
Ellie appears determined to follow Genevieve’s every move, including managing to get most of their classes together and schmoozing her best friend. Aside from Bishop, the one guy who finds Genevieve’s wit and snappy-mouth entertaining, everyone seems easily taken with Ellie. Everyone except Genevieve,
Is Ellie who she claims to be; a simple high school student? Or could she be the reason Immortals and Warriors have found their way into Genevieve’s life, changing what she thought was a concrete perception of the world into a spellbinding journey? One where her life, and her family’s lives, will hang in the balance of her choices. Her choice to accept what she is…

 4 Sassy Books!

Review- One word to describe Ezekiel's Bones: Refreshing. Why? Finally a new paranormal story that is different and original instead of the same old repetitive stories that seem to be circulating as of late.

Yes we have a teenager who is moody and against the world but what happens to this girl and her family that has their lives spiral into unknown territory is one well thought out and creative storyline. From warriors made out of the bones from the people who have passed on to "Shades" and soulless humans, Fuller has done her job as an author to create a truly organic story. Along with the totally original plot, Fuller also delivers a book full of action, mystery, drama and a hint of romance. The perfect recipe for a thoroughly entertaining book.

Although I did thoroughly enjoy the characters and storyline, it did leave me with some unanswered questions throughout so I do hope there will be a sequel. This is the reason to the 4 Sassy Books rating.

Otherwise I highly recommend reading Ezekiel's Bones. It's the change I needed to get back into paranormal.

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