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Review- Behind Palace Doors by Jules Bennett

Title- Behind Palace Doors
Author- Jules Bennett
Genre- Romance
Release Date- 5th of March 2013
Publisher- Harlequin

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Blurb- "I have a proposition for you."

 Their marriage has all the makings of a great romantic movie: a beautiful Mediterranean setting, a handsome prince and fantastic sex. Too bad it's not real. When Prince Stefan Alexander weds Victoria Dane, the agreement between friends is supposed to be in name only to secure his crown. But it doesn't take long for buried passion to erupt….

Victoria gave up a lot for this seemingly fairy-tale life with Stefan, but all too soon she discovers she's fallen in love with the "Playboy Prince." Now Victoria must fight for what really matters. Because the one thing she can't give up is him.

4 Sassy Books!

Review- Romance at it's best. With alluring characters and an addictive storyline, you can't go wrong with Behind Palace Doors

Although the storyline is somewhat predictable, I still found myself glued to the pages, wanting to learn the outcome. The relationship between Stefan and Victoria is quite intense yet confusing, which I loved. Best friends turned married couple that don't want to fall in love and risk their friendship. I felt like smacking their heads together! It was so frustrating, but in a good way. They are those characters that you fall in love with and want nothing more than for them to fight for their relationship and to wake up to themselves.
Bennett had me invested in the story with her writing. Her words and conversations flowed together as if they were real which made it a very easy book to read. Her descriptiveness made it so easy to bring the story to life in my mind, which some authors lack the ability to do. Reading this book has made me want to seek out others that Bennett has written. One thing that is so important in a book is how easy it is to read and Bennett clearly knows how to deliver that.

So all in all Behind Palace Doors was a fantastic read! The only thing stopping me giving it 5 Sassy Books is the fact that it was that little bit predictable. Otherwise, I highly recommend reading it if romance is your choice of genre.
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