Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Review- From out of Chaos by Nathan Wrann

Title- From out of Chaos
Author- Nathan Wrann
Genre- YA/ Paranormal
Publication Date- 15th of January 2012
Publisher- Dalton Gang Press
Review ecopy provided by author. 

Blurb- The Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers' story continues in the thrilling sequel to Dark Matter Heart.

Cor, Taylor and Caitlyn have put an end to The Creeper’s reign of terror, but at what cost? The teens’ lives are thrust deeper into turmoil as Detectives Tolliver and Orlovsky keep Cor under surveillance; Caitlyn copes with her transformation, and Taylor sets off a cataclysmic chain of events that will tragically change their lives forever.

"From Out Of Chaos" is Book 2 in the "Dark Matter Heart" Trilogy.

 4 Sassy Books!

Review- Nathan wasted no time jumping straight into the story from where we left off in Dark Matter Heart (If you missed my review for that check it out HERE). 

Now where do I start? 

Ok so firstly a note to anyone who has this on their TBR pile, if you're a sook (like I am), don't read it at night. I had NIGHTMARES!!!  It seriously creeped me out! What might have done that you ask? Well I can't give anything away but I will say one thing... Frankenstein... I don't think I have ever had nightmares from a book before. So kudos to Nathan for making me poop my pants (not literally).

So onto the story and what a story it is. Fast-paced, intense, creepy, exciting and full of non-stop action! Nathan Wrann entertains page after page with this energetic vampire story that has many twists and turns  along the way. Add in a little pinch on romance and you are on one heck of a ride. 

I have been so swept up with this story that I immediately picked up the 3rd book in the series once I was finished. So keep an eye out for my review of Paths of Thorn and Flame which will be posted in the next few days.

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