Monday, November 5, 2012

Review- Her Master's Kiss 2 by Vivien Sparx

Title- Her Master's Kiss 2
Author- Vivien Sparx
Genre- Erotica/ Romance
Publication Date- 2nd of November 2012
Review copy provided by Author

Blurb- For Renee, settling in to life as Stefan's submissive is full of challenges - and her dark sexy Master is keen to ensure Renee learns her lessons well!

But even as Stefan struggles to come to terms with his emotional demons and open himself up to Renee, a sudden dark shadow from Stefan's past appears, forcing the couple to confront their greatest fears, and challenging them to face their real feelings for each other.

'Her Master's Kiss 2' is a sexy, erotic romance full of passion, emotion, drama and suspense. It's the ultimate conclusion to the bestselling 'Her Master's Kiss'.

Review- If I could grovel at Vivien's feet I probably would! She has once again created a story that captured me entirely. Picking up from where we left off in HMK1, we continue on with the story of Renee and Stefan. And what a heated, intense story it is. Their relationship is growing and becoming more defined, that is until someone from Stefan's past comes back and turns everything upside down, making Stefan question his lifestyle choice.

I love the depth that Vivien went to in HMK2, taking me to an uncomfortable, dark place that made my insides turn.

Her Master's Kiss 2 went above and beyond my expectations and I enjoyed every intense, sexy, fingernail biting bit of it. Vivien is yet to disappoint and I highly recommend reading this book and all of her others.

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