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Release Tour & Giveaway - The Resistance Series by Tracy Lawson

Resistance Series Book 1
by Tracy Lawson
Genre: YA Dystopian Adventure

do you trust when your world unravels and everything you believed is
a lie?


the past fifteen years, The Office of Civilian Safety and Defense has

guarded the public against the rampant threat of terrorism. Teenagers

Tommy and Careen have never known life without Civilian Restrictions.

For them, there's no social media. No one is allowed to gather in

public places or attend concerts or sporting events. Only a small,

select group of adults have driving privileges, but it's a small

price to pay for safety.


a new, more deadly, terrorist threat looms: airborne chemical weapons

that can be activated without warning. The OCSD is ready with an

antidote to counteract the effects of the toxins. Three drops a day

is all it takes. It's a small price to pay for health.


day the disaster sirens signal the dreaded attack, Tommy shares his

last dose with Careen, even though doing so might hasten his death.

It's a small price to pay for a friend.Follow Tommy and Careen as

they uncover a web of lies and deceit reaching to the highest levels

of the United States government and join an underground resistance

group that's determined to expose the truth.


is a novel for our times, but with a decidedly different plot twist.

Most dystopian thrillers focus on the devastating consequences of the

unleashed virus or poison on society, community, and the individual.

They become character studies of the protagonists and



Lawson's novel asks an even more disturbing question--what if the

real culprit was someone or something we trusted? I thought The

Hunger Games might be the Millennial generation's version of George

Orwell's 1984. Now, I think Counteract and the Resistance Series are

more primed to take that spot."--SR Staley, author of St. Nic,

Inc., and the Tortuga Bay series.

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Series Book 2


loved the first book in this series so much that I jumped right into
the second one to continue the adventure. The Resistance Series is
another great YA dystopian adventure that combines elements of
thriller, romance, dystopian, and much more to create a well-rounded
story that is sure to appeal to many readers - it definitely has my
attention."--TFL Reader, top 500 Amazon Reviewer


comes with a price.


and Careen no longer believe the Office of Civilian Safety and

Defense's miracle antidote can protect them from a terrorist's

chemical weapons. After accidentally discovering the antidote's real

purpose,they've join the fight to undermine the OCSD's bid for total

control of the population.


part of the Resistance brings with it a whole new set of challenges.

Not everyone working for change proves trustworthy, and plans to

spark a revolution go awry with consequences far beyond anything they

bargained for.


and Careen's differing viewpoints threaten to drive a wedge between

them, and their budding relationship is tested as their destinies

move toward an inevitable confrontation with the forces that

terrorize the nation.


does love fit in when you're trying to start a



YA literature needs more writers like Tracy Lawson! Lawson's lean

writing style and idea-driven dialogue reminded me of the novels of

Ayn Rand, particularly Anthem, but Resist is much faster paced and

holds your attention from the beginning.


picks up right where the first book, Counteract, leaves off, and

readers are thrown immediately into the action. I also loved the way

Lawson doesn't give her characters the easy way out--they are forced

to make decisions and suffer the consequences. These are real people

that anchor the story, even if the setting is not." --SR Staley,

author of St. Nic, Inc. and the Tortuga Bay series

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Series Book 3

Greatest Risk Is To Take No Risk At All.


food shortages have sparked civil unrest, and the Office of Civilian

Safety and Defense’s hold on the people is slipping. The

Resistance’s efforts to hasten the OCSD’s demise have resulted in

disaster, with Tommy Bailey and Careen Catecher taking the blame for

the ill-fated mission in OP-439.


teens struggle to survive the circumstances that force them into the

national spotlight—and this time, they’re on opposite sides. On

the run and exiled from the Resistance members in BG-098, Tommy makes

his way to a Resistance safe house in the capital.


OCSD is preparing to monitor all under-eighteens with the Cerberean

Link, a device that protects them against hunger and sickness and can

even locate them if they’re lost. Tommy’s now living in close

quarters with Atari, an operative who has been assigned to sabotage

the Link. But does Atari plan to use it for his own



it all, Tommy refuses to believe Careen’s loyalties have shifted

away from the Resistance, and he’s willing to assume any risk to

reconnect with her. Will they be able to trust each other when it

matters most?

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Series Book 4
July 18th!**

Explosive Conclusion to the Award-Winning Resistance Series


Deny Freedom is to Deny the Human Spirit.


Resistance fighter Tommy Bailey has come out of hiding to help rescue

Careen Catecher from the clutches of the Office of Civilian Safety

and Defense, where she’s been held and interrogated for information

about the rebel group. The OCSD is poised to launch the Cerberean

Link, a security device that will put all minors under constant

surveillance under the guise of protecting them. 


that OCSD director Madalyn Davies’s bid for control won’t stop

there, the Resistance puts its own plan in motion to sabotage the

Link and oust Madalyn from the directorship. Just when everything

seems leveraged in the Resistance’s favor, treachery, lies, and

long-held secrets threaten to derail it all.


even a life together on the run be impossible for Tommy and Careen?

Or will the Resistance’s efforts convince the public to put their

fears aside and demand freedom?

Prequel to the Resistance Series

was our heroine Careen Catecher like BEFORE she became a firebrand
for the Resistance? Well, she was just a normal teenage girl trying
to survive college in the totalitarian state of Tracy Lawson's
creation." --review by Patrick Hodges


is a believable, strong female protagonist who, having survived a

harrowing terrorist attack, is now trying to survive [college] in a

new 'Quadrant' where she can't seem to fit in." --review by

Candace Williams


strong heroine is made, not born. 


Careen Catecher survived a terrorist attack when she was nine, her

childhood ended on that awful day. Now, nine years later, she’s

ready for her life to truly begin. 


full scholarship to a prestigious university far from her beleaguered

home quadrant seems like a dream come true, but when she arrives on

campus, she’s perceived as a charity case, despite grades and test

scores that prove she’s the academic equal of the best students



knows she’s tough enough to survive just about anything, but

fitting in with her acquisitive peers—at least on the surface—is

necessary if she’s going to leave the past behind and claim the

stable future she craves. 


her past won’t stay buried. She’s only been at school for a few

weeks when a cryptic message from an unlikely friend raises questions

that may put her in danger all over again.


out this novella-length prequel to the award-winning Resistance

Series, “a promising new YA series about a totalitarian America.” 

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Lawson knew she wanted to be a writer from the time she could read.
In the first grade, she authored sixty-seven contact-paper bound
books through her school's Young Authors program. Though that pace
proved impossible to maintain, she always intended to be a real
author one day. 


working toward her Bachelor's degree in Communication at Ohio

University, she studied creative writing with the late Daniel Keyes,

author of Flowers for Algernon. After short stints as a media buyer

and an investigative analyst, she settled into a 20-year career in

the performing arts, teaching tap dancing in Columbus, Ohio, and

choreographing musicals. Though her creative energies were focused on

dance, she never lost her desire to write, and has a non-fiction book

to her credit: Fips, Bots, Doggeries, and More, (McDonald &

Woodward, 2012).


love for writing Young Adult fiction is sparked by all the wonderful

teens in her life, including her daughter Keri, a college student.

Counteract is Tracy's first novel.

Book Four of the Resistance Series

Launch Giveaway

been reading this series basically since it first came out, and
honestly I really still love the characters and all of their weird
interactions. As the conclusion to the series, Revolt is
not one of those books that gives you a neatly tied bow on a package
and tells you it's over. It has twists, turns, and you're going to be
in for yet another adventure with the Resistance crew.”

this series that I've been reading since the beginning is over.
What's a girl to do? Restart from Book One, of course!”

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know what happened the night of the car accident that changed

Bailey’s life forever?

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