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Book Review - Covet the Moon by Tina Carreiro

Covet the Moon
(Power of the Moon, #2)
Bt Tina Carreiro
Release Date - 8th September 2014
Published by - Time & Tide Publishing
Mia Starr is now a full agent working for Sector 13, a secret division of the FBI, which monitors and controls all paranormal activity. Her main objective: keep humans safe and the paranormal hidden. Fresh out of human training, Mia is looking forward to learning all things paranormal and working with Cole, her deadly and sexy vampire lover. Before she has a chance to settle into her new life, she’s abducted. With her powers unfolding, an ancient enemy is revealed, and a powerful lineage to rival all others.

Cole Barnett will stop at nothing to get Mia back. Pushed to his breaking point when old ties surface, the vampire within him claws at his restraint leaving him with one choice—let it rage! Cole leaves a trail of blood and broken rules he’ll have to answer for in his wake to find Mia. Once he does, he also uncovers a connection between them that could shift the world of the undead. Now the one he covets is the one he needs to let go—her survival depends on it. But his stubborn human has set out to prove him wrong in a battle for love and her own life.

Sometimes you have to unleash the beast...
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**Would recommend 18+ only**
Detective Cole Barnett, oh how I've missed you so. Good Lord it was so good to get back into this story, the 3yr wait almost killed me but was sooooo worth it lol. ;-)
Cole & Mia are back and more fierce than ever. Mia is now a detective and part of the sector 13 team. On her first day, problems strike and she disappears. Cole being Cole (sigh) rips apart the world to find her. While he's on the hunt for Mia, some sicko is decapitating heads and they keep showing up everywhere, ladies heads, with blonde hair and blue eyes. Poor Cole is dreading that one of them will end up being Mia, and he gets more dangerous on his search, no law is gonna stop him from finding his Love.
Gah, I so love Cole. He's sexy as hell, hard headed, and loves with so much passion you just feel like a scorching hot mess! I really felt for him when Mia went missing. <3 We learn a few little dirty things about his past...he can be my master any day!!! lol
Mia's powers are growing and she's discovering more about what they mean and she's really not liking what she's learning. But she's not going to let it get in her way. She's finally given in to her feelings for Cole and realises that they're meant to be. Even fate is proving it.
Here I thought the elevator scene was hot from book 1, well looks like Tina has really turned the pages to flame with a particular scene in this book I'll never forget anytime soon....holy fricken hell batman...sign me up for sector 13 like NOW.. Hot. Hot. HOT. Fang dripping HOT!!!!!
Tina Carreiro is a genius plain and simple. She's brought these extraordinary, unforgettable characters to life and we have the complete pleasure of getting to know them and watching them grow. If you're looking for a book that will sweep you away and leave you wanting more, than look no further... Power of the Moon & Covet the Moon is for the taking! Fangs at the ready! ^_^ 
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