Friday, March 7, 2014

Review- Heart Break Proof by William Goode & Michelle Roy

Title- Heart Break Proof
Author- William Goode & Michelle Roy
Genre- Adult Fiction
Release Date- 6th of September 2013
Publisher- WildBirds Publishing

Review copy provided by the author.

Blurb- When Marie finally wrote back to Andrew, he truly learned how words can seduce, corrupt and inflame. The stories Marie and Andrew now make up, trading e-mails, consume them. They begin a passionate affair, and their deepening obsession with each other penetrates their writing. Then the stories take over and change everything. Oh, and the bit with the shoe is freaking wild. Fun, well-told, intelligent and absorbing, Heart-Break-Proof is about words that bind tighter than any rope. (Actually, there are ropes in this book too. But mainly words). So, be careful what you read. For a free preview of Heart-Break-Proof (first 3 chapters), check out

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Review- I don't think I have too many good things to say about Heart Break Proof. The storyline of Marie and Andrew's relationship that consists mostly of erotic emails between them was at times quite jumpy and confusing. I would finish one of the "emails" and be totally confused as to where I was within the story, for example, when I finished a particular email and heading into the next chapter, they were in a relationship outside of emails and he was doing errands for her and getting upset about finding letters from other men in her closet. How did that happen? Did I miss something?

The emails themselves were simply, ok. They were quite raunchy and I am sure they would touch base with a lot of people fantasies. 

The writing wasn't great either. It too was a little jumpy and didn't make sense sometimes. In short, it does need work.

Heart Break Proof has a great concept behind it and could be made so much better with proper planning, structure and delivery.  

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