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The Haret Blog Tour: Spotlight & Review

Welcome, we're the next stop on The Haret Blog Tour. :-)
The Haret
by Denise Daisy
Release date: 22nd June 2011
Genre: Young Adult/Fantasy
Felicitas’ life is thrown into chaos when she begins to have dreams of Raine Zadock. Not only has she never met him, but the intimate night in her dreams shows a positive result on her pregnancy test. She doesn’t dare tell her controlling father, Melvin Rebold, the town’s most prominent Baptist minister or her passive mother Sharon. The only person she can confide in is her grandmother Rosie, however her father forbids her to have anything to do with her, claiming she’s insane and speaks with the dead. But, before Felicitas can confess her secret, she mysteriously vanishes. During the search to find her, news of her pregnancy surfaces along with a cryptic Nocturnal Journal that cast an accusing finger on a secretive stranger.
A week later, she is found wandering the woods but with no memory of where she has been. An angry Detective, her boyfriend and her parents are furious with her and of course do not believe her story of becoming pregnant in a dream.
After her father threatens to send her off to County Mental Health, she runs away to her grandmother’s house, all the while haunted by her father’s continual warnings about the woman. True to her father’s description, Rosie seems a bit eccentric and shares wild mystical tales of dreams and other dimensions. Together Felicitas and her grandmother trace their roots back ten generations and make a disturbing discovery that someone very close to her is not who they seem.
Denise Daisy
Joining the ranks of best-selling authors, Denise Daisy is described as one of the purest storytellers of all time; pulling of romance, suspense and a touch of fantasy, all in the same piece. Denise’s novels include, The Secrets of Moonshine, Haytham The Secret in the Rubble, both books are a part of her popular Moonshine Series. The third installment The Storyteller’s Secret is due out in 2013.The Haret is the first book in The Haret Series, and, Thirteen for Dinner is a stand-alone suspense thriller.She lives in San Diego with her youngest daughter Journey. She free-lances as a hairstylist and make-up artist. She is very active in the community, directing and teaching for the national CYT, children’s theater. During her free time she enjoys hanging out with all four of her daughters, Autumn, Brittany, Kendall and Journey or taking a sail with her real life leading man Scott Dazey.

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My Review

Firstly I'd like to thank Nevermore PR for hosting this tour and also Denise Daisy for giving me the opportunity to review this book.
We meet Felicitas, she's 17yrs old, the daughter of a minister, president of the purity club, your average good girl. But Felicitas has a secret she's been keeping from everyone. She's been having these amazing dreams where she's with a gorgeous man named Raine Zodock. He's sweet, charming and everything she could ever want in a man. Their love grows stronger each time Felicitas closes her eyes. But it's only a dream, right? So Felicitas thought, until the day she takes a pregnancy test and her whole world is turned upside down from the moment the test came back positive. How could a virgin become pregnant? How was she to explain all of this, no one would believe her.
For me, the story started out a little slow but once I got a few chapters in it started to pick up. I found myself glued to the book, It's unusual yet intriguing. I haven't read anything like this before where a girl becomes pregnant from her dreams. I found myself trying to do everything I could to get back to the story quicker, having 3 young children it gets really hard. But I just had to keep reading to know what was coming next. The ending leaves you hanging for more and I truly hope that it's not the end of Felicitas's story.
If you're looking for something different and exciting than I recommend giving this book ago, you may be surprised. :-)
Well done Denise Daisy on a fantastic book, I just loved it!
My Rating

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