Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review- Where There's a Will by Karen Kelley

Title- Where There's a Will
Author- Karen Kelley
Genre- Paranormal Romance
Published by- Sourcebooks
Publish Date- 4th of September 2012

Her Fantasies Were Wild But Buried Deep...
Haley Tillman words hard at being a good girl, hiding her rich fantasy life in the pages of her diary. But being good doesn't seem to get her anywhere with men, and her confidence is on a downward spiral. She's ready to try something altogether different, but hasn't a clue where to start. In a moment of desperation, she prays for a miracle...
He Might Take Her Beyond Them...
Ryder is the perfect combination of powerful angel plus normal hot–blooded man. Crossing into the mortal world could cost him his existence. But mortals are like a potent drug to Ryder, and Hayley is quickly becoming his drug of choice...


 So I had a look at what other people have been rating this book at and the majority of what I saw was pretty average. I'm not sure why, but each to their own. I have nothing but high praises for Karen Kelley and this fantastic book!

 So where do I start?!?!?!

I absolutely adored this book. It touched base with so many issues that women internally battle with every day. The only difference with this is that Haley's prayers were answered by one smoking hot angel who's soul purpose for meeting her was to make her believe she was beautiful and sexy and not the frump that she thinks she is. Can I get one of those? Because the journey to self love that Ryder took Haley on was just amazing. Beautiful, sexy, erotic, loving, humorous and intense all at the same time. I don't even think I have ever been as animated while reading a book as I was while reading Where There's a Will. I giggled, laughed, got teary eyed, got anxious, wiggled my toes in anticipation, I swear my heart even skipped a beat a few times. There is nothing a woman wants more than having the man of their dreams adore every part of their body, to feel sexy and powerful even with all of those little imperfections. 
The journey doesn't go without a few hiccups though, which makes for one exciting roller-coaster ride of drama and emotions. 
My final word?
I closed this book with the biggest grin on my face.
And I think you will too!
If not, shoot me! (Not literally)

So to purchase your copy, which I know you want to do, please head to the following links:

For more information on Karen and her other projects check out the following links:


  1. one of your reactions would be you was shocked and surprize signed micheleann oboyle

  2. It's not in my genre of reading but I love the review!


  3. Wiggled your toes with anticipation! :)

  4. Looks like something I'm going to read,just because what you said the angel was there for I could use one myself to help me feel better about me.

  5. Got teary eyed


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