Saturday, October 22, 2016

Forsaken by Sierra Kincade

Stacey’s Top Ten List

Top Ten favourite places to write?

1.    My kitchen (close to the food).
2.   My office (slightly farther away from the food, but still easily accessible).
3.   My hammock in the back yard (although it takes a special skill to balance a laptop while swinging).
4.   Hotel rooms (QUIET. AT LAST. Plus, room service.).
5.   On a walk (Ok, I don’t actually write while walking, but I think and plot and get my head organized).
6.   I love my local indie bookstore. They have a little café there (again, food), and there’s something so inspiring about being surrounded by books.
7.   I once wrote on the beach. That was amazing. It also set the stage for a smoking hot beach scene in The Confession (Body Works #3).
8.   This is crazy, but in the car waiting to pick up my kid from school. There’s something motivating about knowing you only have fifteen minutes to finish a chapter.
9.   Movie theaters, museums, and play houses—again, I don’t write there, but they are excellent inspiration!
10.                  I love writing with other writers. I have a group that gets together once a year to work and it’s positively magical. Such good energy in the room!

Thanks for having me, Stacey! And happy reading!

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