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**SPOTLIGHT, GUEST POST & GIVEAWAY** Perfectly Charming by Liz Talley

Perfectly Charming
Author: Liz Talley
Release Date: September 27, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publisher: Montlake Romance


Morning Glory native Jess Culpepper is desperate to get out of town after divorcing the only man she’s ever dated. She takes a temporary nursing job in Florida and, thanks to the bequest of her late friend, Lacy, has the funds to rent a condo right on the beach. She’s not prepared to literally trip over her old high school lab partner—and definitely not prepared for how deliciously hot he is now.

Ryan Reyes, once known as “The Brain,” has worked hard to become more than the skinny nerd that jocks bullied and girls politely tolerated. At twenty-six, he has retired from science to run a charter fishing business in Pensacola and spend his leisure time catching up on the debauchery he missed. But when the unattainable girl of his teenage fantasies moves in down the beach, old feelings come flooding back.

Their scorching attraction soon leads them into bed—but what starts as no-strings-attached fun is complicated by a return to Morning Glory and the shadows of their shared past. Can the head cheerleader and the geek redefine themselves and forge ahead to find their happily ever after?

Liz Talley Guest Post 

Getting Over An Ex

Hello, everyone! I’m Liz Talley and I’m thrilled to be here to chat today about my newest book Perfectly Charming. I’m calling it a last chance for a little summer fun because it takes place at a Florida beach. This second installment in the Morning Glory series introduces us to Jess Culpeper, a newly divorced woman who’s looking for a change of scenery. I related to Jess because her ex-husband was her childhood sweetheart and the only man she’d ever loved. Jess had her life in Morning Glory planned in high school. She knew she’d be a nurse, she knew the house she wanted to buy and she knew how many children she would have (and their names) but suddenly she finds herself divorced.

So she heads to Pensacola Beach and a temporary contract job.

Enter one sexy Ryan Reyes. Ryan attended high school with Jess, but back then he was the much younger geek who’d been dubbed The Brain (think Doogie Howser). He’d always had a crush on Jess, but didn’t have a prayer’s chance in hell with the older popular cheerleader. After receiving doctoral degrees and his MD, he has an epiphany, quits Caltech, buys a boat and moves to a beach. And on his twenty-fourth birthday while he’s drunk and naked on the beach, Jess trips over him.

It’s kismet…fate…written in the stars.

But falling back in love for Ryan is easier said than done. And Jess isn’t looking for love. So it’s a bumpy and fun ride to a happily ever after.

In this book, we deal with something not so fun – divorce. I’ve never been divorced so I had to think about my friends who’ve gone through this period in their life and place myself in their shoes. It’s not easy to feel the hurt and regret that comes with divorce. But lucky for Jess, Ryan comes along at the perfect time.

Here’s Jess’s plan for surviving her ex:

1. Take a break – get out of town if only for a weekend. If you can swing longer or your job allows you to do it elsewhere, consider a sabbatical from your normal life.

2. Break out of the box. Here’s a chance to wear the clothes you’ve always wanted, try a new haircut, get your nails done EVERY week. Drink the wine, wear the bikini and ignore all the good advice everyone wants to give you.

3. Don’t be afraid to grieve. You lost something you thought would be forever. Love existed and now it’s over. Address it. Embrace it. Leave it behind.

4. Don’t be afraid to get angry. But you don’t have to be ugly about it. Consider those outside the relationship –children, family and friends. Be mad, but don’t take the low road. You’ll likely regret posting his picture with monikers like “has a small penis”beneath his pictures. A lady in my neighborhood did this. She even used glitter. Bonus points for her craftiness….

5. Lean on your friends. Let them do things for you. Let them buy your dinner. Let them dress you up and tell you you’re pretty (even if you feel a little slutty). Cry on their shoulders and let them share your pain. That’s what friends are for…and that’s why Jess is lucky to have Rosemary and Eden.

6. Say yes to the date. He may be nothing more than a guy who buys you dinner but it’s a step toward moving on. If you’re lucky you’ll make a new friend. If you’re really lucky, you’ll find someone who’ll care about you…and maybe someone to start a new life with.

7. Love yourself. Find the positive in starting over, in being a different you. Step off the planned path and get lost in the possibilities. Life’s too short to worry so damn much.

Thanks for letting me talk about Jess, breakups and this new book out September 27th. If you’re interested, you can visit http://bit.ly/PerfectlyCharmingand check out the Look Inside feature for a peek at the first chapter.

Author Biography

Liz Talley is the author of sassy contemporary romances, including the RITA-nominated The Sweetest September. A finalist for the Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart Award in the Regency romance subgenre, she made her debut in contemporary romance in June 2010 with Vegas Two-Step. She went on to publish fifteen more titles. Her stories are set in the South, where the tea is sweet, the summers are hot, and the men are hotter. She lives in northern Louisiana with her childhood sweetheart, two handsome children, three dogs, and a mean kitty. Readers can visit her at www.liztalleybooks.com to learn more about her upcoming novels.

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Website - http://www.liztalleybooks.com/index.php
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Twitter - https://twitter.com/amyliztalley
Goodreads - https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/3849442.Liz_Talley


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