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The Book Waitress blog tour: Spotlight, Guest Post & Giveaway

Hey all, we're the next stop on The Book Waitress Blog Tour, we have a special guest post from the gorgeous Deena Remiel also some information about her new release.

It All Starts With a Seed… Storytelling, Book Waitress Style.

First, I’d like to thank Stacey and Renee for hosting me here today. You ladies run one of my favorite sites on the web.
I thought I’d talk about storytelling today. How a story is created. Well, at least how my stories are created. I’m often asked by people with amazement on their faces how I come up with my ideas and write stories. Quite honestly, I really have had to think hard about that.
Where does a story’s genesis begin? What is the catalyst? What is the seed of an idea?
Well, after looking deep inside myself, along the neural pathways back to the beginning, I do believe I can share where The Book Waitress came from.
I knew when I began writing The Brethren Series that I wanted to write multiple series. I knew immediately that Hannah Livingston, when she came into her own (Book 4 of the series!), that she would break away and get her own series. But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to write lots of different kinds of stories. I’m not a one trick pony, as they say.
So I thought about the kinds of, believe it or not, TV shows and movies I enjoyed watching. Mostly paranormal, urban fantasy, I’d come to realize. Buffy, Angel, Charmed, all the ghost hunting shows, on TV, and too many movies to list here. They all were huge influences on my imagination. Well, I thought to myself, I’d like to WRITE a series that I’d enjoy watching on TV.
It would have to be paranormal and creepy. It would have to be about Good vs Evil because I LOVE that never-ending struggle. And then I started thinking about WHERE I could set it so that it became a constant throughout the books. I love libraries. Some have such character that they are a personality unto themselves. If I let my imagination wander just a bit, I can just see characters and events spilling out of books and replaying between the stacks and bookshelves! You see where I’m headed?
So, I chose a library to be the common thread. And what better place to have creepy things occur than on an island that is small, isolated, but is accessible easily enough? And then I began to think of all the creepy plot lines that can happen there. And the creepy people who could live there.
My heroine and hero evolved out of a need to counterbalance the creepy factor. I wanted her to be the unlikely, atypical heroine. I wanted her hero to be unlikely and atypical as well. Why? Quirky is fun and challenging to write. Their personalities add a great relief from the intense nature of the plot.
Did I say intense? Yes, yes I did. My writing has gotten progressively darker and grittier in nature, so reaching across the fence to horror and dark fantasy was not a stretch. I knew it was coming, too. I could feel in my bones that I loved writing for the villains and felt supreme satisfaction after writing a chilling scene. But again, I also enjoy writing the foil to that, the humor. Though it may be dark, there is humor, nonetheless.
So, that’s how The Book Waitress came to be. My vision for the novella series is similar to that of a TV series. I am planning on a 13 episode “season.” I’ll probably wind up scaring myself silly in the process and grow many more gray hairs, but as Camille says… Nothing worth everything comes without a price.


Thank you Deena for being on our blog today, it's always a pleasure to have you. I look forward to reading "The Book Waitress" I can't wait to see what new world you've created for us all to adventure in.

Here's a little info on The Book Waitress,

The Book Waitress

Camille Dutton learned early in life Satan was not to be trifled with. Escaping his evil clutches as a child, he’s come back with a vengeance for her now.
Derek Galloway’s inquisitive nature has led him to be an award-winning investigative reporter and straight into the path of pure evil.
When a child vanishes from a sleepy island town, Camille, its subdued librarian, becomes embroiled in Derek’s investigation. A satanic cult has plans for the child, while Satan has plans for Camille and the rest of the world. Amidst evil of the most supernatural and human kind, Derek and Camille find a shred of light and goodness in the form of their budding relationship.
First in the Book Waitress Series, the portal between Hell and Earth will be torn asunder, and it will take everything Camille and Derek have and then some to close it. Satan won’t go down easy, but nothing worth everything ever comes without a price.

Tagline: Nothing worth everything comes without a price.
Book Waitress fan page link:
Deena Remiel's Place:

                               Author Bio:

It was the mystique of Arizona’s history and landscape that called to Deena and catapulted her career as an author. When she’s not writing romance novels and poetry in the wee, small hours of the morning or in the deep, dark of night, Deena teaches language arts to middle school students. She currently lives in Gilbert with her husband and two children, but New Jersey will always tug at her heartstrings. She loves connecting with her fans, so find her at


Deena Remiel is one of my favourite Indie authors, she creates these worlds that just suck you in and leave you truly breathless. I recommend checking her out! You never know, you may just find that heart stopping book you've been looking for. :-)

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  1. Thanks again, Stacey and Renee, or having me here today. I'd also like to mention that for every 5 books sold, I'm giving away a limited edition Book Waitress apron! I'm very close to giving away the next one, too! :D

  2. Thanks for this fascinating look into your process, Deena. I have this on my TBR list for sure. Good luck with it!

    Juli D. Revezzo


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