Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cover Reveal! Paths of Thorn and Flame by Nathan Wrann

The third and final installment of the "Dark Matter Heart" trilogy is just around the corner. 
13th of August to be exact!
Nathan has been kind enough to give us a sneak peak of the highly anticipated cover of...

Paths of Thorn and Flame!

 Fantastic cover right?
I just love it!

So for those of you who haven't been swept up by the phenomenon of the "Dark Matter Heart" trilogy, here is a little bit of info for you...

A new town. A new school. A new beginning. Seventeen year-old Cordell Griffin, and his mother, moved from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest to deal with his "sun allergies," and bizarrely restrictive "human blood diet". Cor has one goal: To blend in and be invisible. Unfortunately for him, no matter how far he goes, danger and tragedy lurk around every corner. Realizing that he and his friends, Taylor, Caitlyn, and Diana, can never lead normal lives, his goal changes to simply survive the experience.

Armed with knowledge gleaned from antique books and artwork, Cor and his new friends set out to uncover the truth behind the myths, legends and scary stories that keep us awake late at night.

The Dark Matter Heart Trilogy is the origin story in the Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers series.

I reviewed "Dark Matter Heart" some time ago so if you missed that you can check out my review HERE

To entice you even more to start reading the trilogy; You can get an ecopy of Dark Matter Heart Free! Simply click on the following links to get your copy now!

"From out of Chaos" Book 2 in the trilogy is also available to purchase from the following links...

I will be reviewing "From out of Chaos" in the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that.

So don't forget-
13th of August 2012
Paths of Thorn and Flame

For more information about Nathan Wrann and his "Dark Matter Heart" trilogy you can check out the following links...




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