Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Katrina's Bookshelf

One of our dear friends has been subject to vandalism and spiteful acts. Some of you may know or know of Katrina Whittaker. She is a fellow book blogger and wonderful person. A despicable person who knew what Kat treasured the most has destroyed it. Books, swag, autographed books, collectable items, everything has been destroyed. Below is what is left of Kat's collection.

Kat's sister and author friend have set up a way for people to help Kat recoup the loss of her things. The pain of what has happened in still there, and some things are irreplaceable but hopefully this will help ease a bit of her hurting. If there is any way you can help with a donation please do so. I know there has been a lot of wonderful people helping already.

So if you are willing to help please head over to the link below

It will give you more information on how you can help.

Stacey and I send our best wishes to Kat and are disgusted that someone could do just a horrible thing to such a lovely person.



  1. I wish I could help right now...but hope Katrina is okay.

  2. I'll try and help out if I can. I still can't believe someone would do such a horrible thing!

    I hope Katrina is ok now and gets everything back.


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