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Review/ Author Interview- Dream Smashers by Angela Carlie

Title- Dream Smashers
Author- Angela Carlie
Release Date- April 4th 2011
Published by- Darkside Publishing
Genre- YA
Rating- 3/5

Blurb- “Sixteen-year-old Autumn is a human heartache. Everywhere she turns people are stomping on her hopes and dreams. Her mom's a tweaker. She's lived with her chain-smoking grandmother for as long as she can remember. Even her best friend has issues. Autumn seems to be the only responsible person she knows and she's sick of putting up with it all.

When she meets Evan, a hot guy without a worry in the world, she can only wonder if he's for real or just another Dream Smasher.

A girl who no longer wants to care and a boy who cares enough for the both of them, Dream Smashers is a love story, but most of all, it's about letting go.”

Review- Dream Smashers is a great story with a great moral behind it. Substance abuse is such a common occurrence in todays society yet we never hear how it effects the people who watch their loved ones with the addiction. It was a nice change to read from their point of view. There were so many obstacles that Autumn faced throughout Dream Smashers, all connecting to each other in a believable way. Reading Dream Smashers made me come to the realisation that no matter what poop life throws at you, you can learn from it and move on. That it's ok to have dreams and aspirations for yourself and to not let anyone stand in your way. Even if your mother is a junkie as Autumns is. Autumns Mum Jacinda is your typical selfish “tweaking” mother who cares for nothing but getting her next hit. Reading her side of the story was so frustrating but it opens your eyes to what it's really like for someone who is an addict. Autumn to me had rose coloured glasses on a lot of the time. She didn't see things and people how they really were. She grew up with one friend (Rainy) and that's all she knew. So watching her start venturing out being uncomfortable was really interesting. Meeting Evan (sweet, carefree, hot guy) helped Autumn open up and realise she is lucky to have the life she has, even though it may not seem great sometimes. Which is why I love Evan! He was my favourite character in the novel. He never judged. If the world was full of Evans there would be world peace for all time. He balanced Autumn out. I really think there is so much to be taken away from Dream Smashers. I have taken away things like not having irrational goals, have a bit of faith and I have smashed my rose coloured glasses. Not everyone is what they seem to be on the outside. So what I am giving to you as a person reading my review is an instruction. It is to READ DREAM SMASHERS! That is all!

Author Interview- Q1- First of all I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed reading Dream Smashers! There is an issue with substance abuse in Dream Smashers that tends to be one of the main obstacles that Autumn has to navigate around, so my question is, Why did you choose to write about that particular subject?

A1 - Thank you, Renee. I'm glad you enjoyed Dream Smashers.
The number of people addicted to meth or who know someone addicted to meth is crazy high. Many of the YA fiction books I've read pertaining to meth have been about the protagonist's struggles with addiction. There are, however, far more people out there who haven't even touched the drug, but the drug has touched them and pretty much destroyed their lives. What about them? They had no say in their mothers' or fathers' or siblings' or best friends' decision to use meth, yet they still pay the price.

I, too, have meth addicts in my life. I felt compelled to write Autumn's story, a story of hope, for their children and others like them.

Q2- I noticed that while reading Dream Smashers I found myself thinking “oh maybe I worry too much” and“ ok maybe I cant control everything”. Was this your intention?To try and make people realise, Hey you only have one life make the most of it, live your dreams?

A2 - Wow. That's a great conclusion. It's true. We can't control everything, but what we can control is how we react. I didn't intend to create a message so much as to tell a story. I think if there is an underlining message in Dream Smashers, though, it is that life doesn't always have happy endings. What it does have is choices. You can choose to follow the path or you can make your own. It's up to you and only you.

Q3- Now I loved Evan. He was so loving and carefree. Who is your favourite character?

A3 - Yay! An Evan lover. I like Evan, too. Many people don't because he's not dirty enough or something. All the characters are my favorite, but if I had to choose one, I'd choose Autumn. She's so lost and trying to find her way, just like us all, yet she's strong and knows that she can reject the way of life she was brought up in and can find her own way.

Q4- What is next on the agenda for you?

A4 - My new novel, Loramendi's Story, was released in August. It's the first in the Lords of Shifters series and I'm currently working on the second book, Spider Wars, now.
I also have a local tour this October. The Rain Boots Required YA Author tour kicks off at our first stop in Vancouver, Washington, this Saturday. We'll be at the independent bookstore, Cover to Cover Books. I'm very excited about the tour. You can find out more on our Facebook page:

Q5- And finally a personal question, if there is anywhere you would like to go in the world where would it be and why?

A5 - Why pick one place when you can go to them all? But seriously, I'd go somewhere tropical first. I need to hear ocean crashing against the sand and the breeze through some palm trees to get my relaxation groove on.

For more information on Angela Carlie visit her website here  or her blog  here
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And for information on publishing check out Darkside Publishing

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