Monday, March 9, 2015


Welcome to day 9 on our Author Appreciation Month, this will run from the 1st-15th March and each day will bring you a new author or two. Today we have with us author Stryder Dancewolffe, she'll be sharing her book, Build-A-Universe with us.


Losing your job is bad enough. But having the industry you’d spent a huge chunk of money and time on being educated and specialized to work in disappear overnight when new technology becomes available was worse.

Each day brought new challenges, new sacrifices, and soon nothing Jake could do would be enough to escape the very real likelihood that he’d end up out on the street. He needed an escape, a way to get out of his situation but just surviving was taking up everything he had.

Then the aliens who had destroyed his life, offered up a solution. He could get his life back, everything he ever dreamed of, all he had to do was come up with something new, to build a universe.

Except, he already had… 


About the Author

Stryder Dancewolffe enjoys writing about the things that are outside of traditional boxes.  I would say that I’ve lived an interesting life, but I believe that all lives are interesting, some of us are just better at telling you why.  I’m American born, with mixed heritage, and wandering feet, feet which have led me to live in two countries other than that which I was born in.  When I’m not writing, or obsessing about my writing, then I’m probably playing one of several Massive-Multi-Online-Role-Playing-Games, or lying in bed reading.  I believe in both science and the unexplained.  I hope that you’ve enjoyed my work, and that I continue to write work that entertains you.


Thank you to Author Stryder Dancewolffe for joining us today, it's been an absolute pleasure having you here today.

Don't forget to add this book to your goodreads.

Join us again tomorrow for another amazing Indie author.



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