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INDIE AUTHOR APPRECIATION MONTH DAY 7 - Authors Nicki Scalise & Lia Fairchild

Welcome to day 7 on our Author Appreciation Month, this will run from the 1st-15th March and each day will bring you a new author or two. Today we have with us authors Nicki Scalise & Lia Fairchild. 

Nicki Scalise is sharing her books, Prayer for the Dead, Aeonian Kiss & Despite Serendipity.

Lia Fairchild is sharing her boo, Circle of Friends

Some awesome books to add to your goodreads. ^_^

Prayer for the Dead
(Revenants in Purgatory, #1)
By Nicki Scalise

A story about a girl who lived, died, and met a guy… in that order.

Is it possible to find true love and happiness, while condemned to purgatory until the end of days?

Olivia Brennan wasn't eager to find out. Working for a division of Purgatory and Associates, her job consisted of one headache after another, caused by the impatient souls waiting to move onto eternal paradise. After a hard day at work, she was most content to stay home, watching reruns or reading a book. Aside from a few friends occasionally
forcing socialization, her afterlife was nothing special.

That all changed the moment Drake walked into her life. He was handsome, charming, and had a sadness behind his eyes she could relate to. It seemed that Fate had finally brought her a kindred spirit…

But could Olivia move past her own dark regrets of the life she left behind or would falling for him demand the ultimate sacrifice—herself?


Aeonian Kiss
 (Revenants in Purgatory, #2)
By Nicki Scalise

What happens to the dead when they die? Do they go to Heaven or Hell... or maybe on a luxury cruise?

It wasn’t a question Olivia Brennan ever thought to ask. After all, once you've been to Hell and back, how much worse can things get? Her harrowing descent has already cost her everything—her home, her career, the man she loves. But when an enemy resurfaces looking to settle a score, she learns there’s more to lose than she ever imagined.

Purgatory harbors more secrets than the depths of Hell, and Olivia has landed smack dab in the middle of their tangled web. Faced with an impossible choice, she must reach into the darkest parts of her soul for the strength she needs to save everyone she loves. But even if she succeeds, will she ever be the same again?

Maybe some questions are better left unanswered. If there’s one thing experience has taught her, it’s that the universe loves to kick her ass.

Despite Serendipity
 (Revenants in Purgatory Novella)
by Nicki Scalise

A boring night, a crowded club. Portia Winters has had her fill of both. She's one cheesy pickup line away from losing her mind when Tore Brennan slides up onto the barstool next to hers. When the DJ plays the perfect song, she seizes the opportunity to show him everything she's come to feel for him since they first met over a decade ago.

Tore loves the nightlife — the music, the alcohol, and the easy women. All that could change when his perfect woman drags him onto the dance floor. Portia's classy, gorgeous, and everything he’s ever dreamed of. Can he abandon his playboy ways for a chance to prove he can be the man she deserves? Or will old habits die hard?

**The events in this novella fall within the timeline between books one and two of the Revenants in Purgatory series. It should be read after Aeonian Kiss (R.I.P. #2)
Author Bio

Nicki Scalise lives in the foothills of northern Colorado with her husband, four dogs, and a chinchilla. With so many furry, tail-wagging monsters running wild, the house is generally in varied states of chaos. If ever they give her a break, she spends her free time imagining new worlds, watching Firefly for the millionth time, or counting down the days until the next Comic Con. Most days she can be found sitting idly at her desk, staring at the wall. Scalise is a paranormal romance/urban fantasy author.

Stalker Links
Website | Facebook | TSU | Twitter: @nickiscalise   


#Bestseller in Kindle and Nook ✩CIRCLE IN THE SAND✩.

"If you’re looking for beauty, then this is it.."

"I absolutely recommend this book, without a doubt!"

"Circle in the Sand" should make #1 NY Times Best Seller's List!!

Circle in the Sand
by Lia Fairchild

 Four life-long friends bound by two decades of laughter, love, promises, and secrets. Once inseparable, the four grow into independent adults pursuing very different paths.

Sage, raised by career-driven parents, follows a carefully laid out future of success that leaves her wondering what she’s missed out on.

Emily, the college drop-out, now has three children that have become her whole life. She's slowly lost herself, subconsciously seeking dangerous ways to cope. Can she find herself in time?

Jax always lived on the edge, skating through life with no apparent ambition, yet remained the energy and emotional cement of the group. She longs for her friends to accept her without trying to fix her.

Ned, Emily’s twin brother, yearns to stand up and be counted. But his old loyalties and new feelings for one of the girls has him pulled in different directions.

Will the ties that held them together as kids be strong enough for them as adults? These four friends will discover the true meaning of friendship and unveil truths about themselves they never knew existed.


Author Bio

 Bestselling author, Lia Fairchild, is both a traditionally published and independent author who writes women's fiction, romance, and chick lit. Fans of her books praise her endearing, real characters who come to life in stories that will touch your heart. Her latest venture is a dark romance, due out in May. Please watch for Compulsive. Add to Goodreads 

Fairchild is addicted to the warmth of Southern California and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism and a multiple-subject teaching credential. She is a wife and mother of two teenagers.

Look for updates on her and her books at or follow her on Twitter at!/liafairchild or Facebook at

Other books by Lia Fairchild
Amazon Bestseller, In Search of Lucy
Emma vs. the Tech Guy
A Hint of Murder
Special Delivery
Home for Christmas
Thank you to Nicki Scalise and Lia Fairchild for joining us today, it's been an absolute pleasure having you on our blog today.
Don't forget to add these books to your Goodreads!!
Join us tomorrow for another amazing Indie author. ^_^

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