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Just Couldn't Put Down Giveaway Hop!

Hey all, welcome to our stop on the Just Couldn't Put it Down Giveaway Hop! Thank you to Stuck in Books for hosting.

Books you couldn't put down, I bet we've all had quite a few of those. I know I have.

I'm going to share with you just a few....

This whole series is one I couldn't put down. Each book brought more and more laughter, excitement and twists, you can't help but be sucked right in.

Here's the blurb from book 1, First Grave on the Right.

 This whole grim reaper thing should have come with a manual.
Or a diagram of some kind.
A flow chart would have been nice.
Charley Davidson is a part-time private investigator and full-time grim reaper. Meaning, she sees dead people. Really. And it's her job to convince them to "go into the light." But when these very dead people have died under less than ideal circumstances (like murder), sometimes they want Charley to bring the bad guys to justice. Complicating matters are the intensely hot dreams she's been having about an entity who has been following her all her life...and it turns out he might not be dead after all. In fact, he might be something else entirely. But what does he want with Charley? And why can't she seem to resist him? And what does she have to lose by giving in?


This one is a little more... adult. ;-)

Another amazing book I couldn't put down. 

 by KM Golland


 He was on a collision course.
… I had paved my way
He answered to no one.
… I respected authority
He wanted me.
… I despised him
He didn’t take no for an answer.
... NO!

When freelance photographer, Corinne Lee, is required to visually document the nationwide tour of Wild Nights Male Revue, she finds herself in a world of near-naked, testosterone-fuelled men on stage—not her photographic muse of choice. She also finds herself in the arms of Josh, the revue’s star performer.

Josh Adams thrives on the limelight, the stage and, most of all, the attention of women who endlessly throw themselves at him. He dances sex, speaks sex, breathes sex … is sex! Josh lives for sex, but never with the same woman.

When both opinionated and headstrong characters are closely thrust together in a lust-ridden and sexually-charged environment, which of the two will break first?
Will Josh realise that Corinne could be the exception to his ‘no strings’ rule? Or will Corinne let go of the fantasy of finding Mr One and Only?

You can check out my review of Revue HERE 


This one is an old fave of mine.

Hush, Hush 


Romance was not part of Nora Grey's plan. She's never been particularly attracted to the boys at her school, no matter how hard her best friend, Vee, pushes them at her. Not until Patch comes along. With his easy smile and eyes that seem to see inside her, Patch draws Nora to him against her better judgment.

But after a series of terrifying encounters, Nora's not sure whom to trust. Patch seems to be everywhere she is and seems to know more about her than her closest friends. She can't decide whether she should fall into his arms or run and hide. And when she tries to seek some answers, she finds herself near a truth that is way more unsettling than anything Patch makes her feel.

For she is right in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortal and those that have fallen - and, when it comes to choosing sides, the wrong choice will cost Nora her life.

Now for the giveaway. 

One winner will get their choice of any of the books I've shown above (with the series, winner can choose any book from that series, including Hush, Hush series.) OR a $20 Amazon gift card so they can buy their own Couldn't put down read.

To enter, just fill in the raffle form below.

 Giveaway is international

Good Luck!


Before you go, don't forget to check out all the other amazing blog and their giveaways. ^_^

Book Review - Forbidden by Kimberley Griffiths Little

(Forbidden, #1)
By Kimberley Griffiths Little
Release Date - 4th November, 2014
Published by - HarperCollins

  In the unforgiving Mesopotamian desert where Jayden’s tribe lives, betrothal celebrations abound, and tonight it is Jayden’s turn to be honored. But while this union with Horeb, the son of her tribe’s leader, will bring a life of riches and restore her family’s position within the tribe, it will come at the price of Jayden’s heart.

Then a shadowy boy from the Southern Lands appears. Handsome and mysterious, Kadesh fills Jayden’s heart with a passion she never knew possible. But with Horeb’s increasingly violent threats haunting Jayden’s every move, she knows she must find a way to escape—or die trying.

With a forbidden romance blossoming in her heart and her family’s survival on the line, Jayden must embark on a deadly journey to save the ones she loves—and find a true love for herself.

Set against the brilliant backdrop of the sprawling desert, the story of Jayden and Kadesh will leave readers absolutely breathless as they defy the odds and risk it all to be together.


My Rating:


My Review: 

I have to say, the first thing that got me was that cover, It's very alluring and leaves a promise to sweep you away in it's pages.

Forbidden is a beautifully written story, from the first page I was swept away to an ancient time of priestesses, tribal life & the harsh deserts of Mesopotamia. Oh and Dancing, I can't forget the dancing.
 Kimberley gives in-depth detail into the hot and ruthless desert, She shows the harsh reality of what it was like for the tribes living and travelling in it. But she also shows the beauty.

The characters were alluring and bold. I just loved Jayden, a young desert girl betrothed to her wicked cousin, Horeb. A man that she loaths beyond reason, but was still willing to marry to protect her family and help her tribe. I loved watching Jayden grow throughout the story. After losing so much she has to be the strength that holds her family together, family is everything to Jayden. 
When she meets Kadesh, things start to change for Jayden. Kadesh is handsome, kind and a smart young man, everything that Horeb was not. He made Jayden feel things she could only ever dream of.

Could Jayden ignore these feelings and still marry the beast, Or could she betray everything she knows and follow her heart. I know which way I'd go. ^_^

A unique and addictive storyline, twists and turns which will keep you guessing and on the edge of your seat, Characters you'll fall in love with. Add a sprinkle of spine-tingling romance and you have the wonderful story that is Forbidden. What more could you ask for?! Forbidden is a must read for all the YA book lovers out there. ^_^


Before you go I wanted to share with you (only saw it myself yesterday) the cover for book 2, Banished.


It's simply stunning! I can't wait to continue Jayden's story. ^_^

**EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT & GIVEAWAY** Not So New in Town by Michele Summers

 Today on the blog we're featuring Author Michele Summers new novel, Not So New in Town.
We have an exclusive excerpt for you guys to read and an awesome giveaway that's not to be missed.
Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!! ^_^

Not So New In Town 
(Harmony Homecomings, #2)
 Author: Michele Summers
 Pubdate: July 7th, 2015
ISBN: 9781402293580

You can’t go back, and you can’t stand still…

Lucy Doolan is a marketing genius. She can sell rain to a frog and snow to a polar bear. Newly single and unemployed, she’s lured back to her hometown of Harmony, North Carolina to help out her pregnant evil stepsister…only to find former crush heartthrob Brogan Reese has returned too, to open a new business in town. To add insult to injury, he’s still hot.

If the thunder don’t get you, then the lightning will…

Brogan never noticed Lucy much when they were young, but seventeen people have recommended her to help him. She’s got his attention now. With her sweet personality, brilliant imagination, and penchant for doing the completely unpredictable, Brogan is finding a whole lot of excuses to spend his days—and nights—with Lucy.

Buy Links



**COVER REVEAL** The Amber Voyeur by Ravyn Rayne

cover reveal - amber voyeur

The Amber Voyeur
(Gem Apocalypse, #2)
Author: Ravyn Rayne
Publisher: Blushing Books
Genre: Dystopian Erotica
Expected Release: July 21st, 2015

No longer safe in Brayleigh, Aria and James travel by ship to find refuge and discover what’s left of the world.

Dangerous seas and pirates lurking are only the start of their troubles. Forced off the boat with nothing but the clothes on their back, the crew and passengers make it to a nearby island, only to be abducted by the Knight Tribe, a clan of romantic warriors with a voyeuristic culture and a taste for nightly entertainment.

Get swept away in this dystopian erotic adventure, brimming with romance, spankings, and betrayal.

TheAmberVoyeur 500size

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**COVER REVEAL** Resistance by Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons

(Dolan Prophecies Series, #1)
By- Allana Kephart & Melissa Simmons
Genre- New Adult Dark Fantasy/Dystopian
Expected Publication Date- July 27th, 2015

The year 2102--the world as it was no longer exists. Ravaged by nuclear war and polluted almost to the point of no return, Earth was dying. When the faeries came and brought their healing magic, humanity was grateful at first. Centuries of damage repaired in just five years, and during the course of that rehabilitation, they invaded. Quietly overthrown, the human race is now enslaved. The majority doesn’t even realize they have no free will. Branded, herded and kept only to further the agendas of the Fae Courts, humanity could be facing extinction.

But a resistance is coming…

Fianna Dolan has spent her entire young life preparing herself for an uprising against the Fae. One scorching summer night Fi's parents leave and never return. Thrust into a position of power she never expected, Fi struggles with her new position and the responsibility it entails. When a secretive fae man known only as Flint breaches the city’s defenses claiming he can help, Fi begins to doubt everything she's ever considered truth. As betrayals and deception come to light, will Fi want the answers she’s been seeking, or will trusting Flint lead to her destruction?

Pre-Order Your Copy Below!


About the Authors

Allana Kephart has been making things up and bending people to her will from a very young age.  She loves animals and reading and spends a large amount of time thinking up ways to torment her characters. She loves coffee and the color purple. She is the co-author of The Dolan Prophecies Series, Gumshoes & Grifters Series & Fractured Fairytale Standalone series with Melissa Simmons and has published two short stories on her own in the Best Thing I Never Had & Happily (N)ever After anthologies.

Melissa Simmons loves music, reading, her cat and her husband-not necessarily in that order, of course. She is obsessed with all things Disney, Supernatural (tv show) and comic book tv shows/ movies and doesn’t care who knows it. Her favorite superhero is Batman and she will defend his awesomeness to her last breath. When she isn’t writing and plotting, she loves to bake and spends her days helping other authors promote their work. She is the co-author of The Dolan Prophecies Series, Gumshoes & Grifters Series & Fractured Fairytale Standalone series with Allana Kephart and has published a short story on her own in the Best Thing I Never Had anthology. She resides in upstate NY with her husband and their adorable cat.

**NEW RELEASE** Gods of Anthem by Logan Keys


Now Live!
Amazon US: Link
Amazon UK: Link


Oceans apart, a young musician and a “special” soldier embark on a perilous journey for home fueled by the unyielding pursuit of freedom from the Authority.
Sixteen-year-old prodigy, Liza Randusky, waits imprisoned, blamed for the undead plague that’s slowly destroying the planet. Banished to an island where she’ll never play her beloved piano again, Liza’s steadfast sense of justice and passion for music may have the power to change her destiny. But will it be enough...

To strike back at the new world order, the troubled son of a preacher, Thomas Ripley-Hatter, suffers unspeakable alterations by the Underground to join a secret Army. Tommy knows that all hope lies in human-weapons like himself, and that somehow he must cling to his sanity…while letting loose the monster to win.

The battle begins for the last-standing sliver of humanity: Anthem.


Gods of Anthem has already become an Amazon Best Seller in the US & UK!

Check out what some people are saying about Gods of Anthem:

"Dark and angst-filled and simply stunning in every way." Nic's Novel Idea
"Have you ever come across a book that crawls inside your soul from page one and obliterates your heart by the end? This book did that to me and so much more." The Book Curmudgeon

"Holy hell in a hand basket, it was amazing!" Undeniably Addicted to Books

"Mystery, passion, and a revolution!" Author Yessi Smith

"If you enjoyed books such as "The Hunger Games," "Divergent," and "The Forest of Hands and Teeth," you'll enjoy this novel." Author & YA Librarian Amanda McCrohan

"That climax! That ending! I need the next book now!" Author of Best Selling YA series Laura Thalassa 

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Secret Worlds Blog Tour - Spotlight & Giveaway

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+ Giveaway Announcement!

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Secret Worlds

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Dive through Secret Worlds and into the arms of heroes who will steal your heart and leave you hot.

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