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INDIE AUTHOR APPRECIATION MONTH DAY 15 - Authors Evangeline Jennings & Juli D. Revezzo

Welcome to the last day on our Author Appreciation Month. It's been an amazing 15 days, we've introduced quite a few wonderful authors. We hope that we've helped you find your next awesome read! Today we have with us authors Evangeline Jennings & Juli D. Revezzo.

Evangeline Jennings will be sharing her book, Riding in Cars with Girls.

Juli D. Revezzo will be sharing her book, Changlings Crown.

Riding in Cars with Girls
By Evangeline Jennings

A transgressive crime fiction collection with more kinks than a chiropractic convention, Riding in Cars with Girls is a hard, fast, and beautifully dangerous read.  Consider the evidence:

FIREBIRD -- A small town cocktail waitress. A glamorous stranger behind the wheel of a stolen muscle car. A raging forest fire. What could possibly go wrong?
ESCORT -- A high class hooker fucks a Mafia Don to death and the fallout forces an undercover Fed to make the toughest call of her career. Should she do her job or the right thing?
911 -- A  typical Scandanavian adventure. Sex. Death. Fjords.
AUDI -- South London's finest teenage car thieves stake their lives on an illegal road race.
TRANS AM -- A widow hunts her husband's killer across America. Route 666.
CROWN VICTORIA -- Two young runaway lovers with a steep price on their heads take a savage roadtrip through every kind of crazy.

Riding In Cars With Girls -- Dangerous curves ahead.


Author Bio

The founding editor of the Pankhearst collective, Evangeline Jennings lives and writes in Texas. The black sheep of her family, she comes from a long line of Californian beauty queens on her mother's side. Evangeline gets her looks from her father. Mostly Evangeline writes stories about girls, and sex, and death. Her characters often seek bloody satisfaction. Sometimes they find it. Sometimes it finds them.

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Changling's Crown
By Juli D. Revezzo

When Ianthe began her career as a faery godmother, she stumbled so badly that Snow White will probably never speak to her again. After a long suspension, she’s finally been given a chance to redeem herself…but everything on this latest assignment is going wrong.

But why?

Worse, she definitely doesn’t need an attractive mortal man distracting her from her duties. Of course, needs and wants are two different things.

Briak has had his eye on Ianthe for a very, very long time, but he’s been waiting for just the right moment to make his move. Despite the fact all hell’s about to break loose on his watch, he can’t resist the opportunity to insert himself into her earthly assignment. Can he convince Ianthe of her true calling and thereby win her heart? Or will his subterfuge ultimately cost him her love?


 Author Bio

Juli D. Revezzo is a Florida girl with a love of speculative and romantic fiction and legend, and loves writing stories with all kinds of fantastical elements. She is the author of The Antique Magic series and the Paranormal Romance Harshad Wars series, New Adult romance Changeling's Crown, and many short stories. She is also a member of the Independent Author Network and the Magic Appreciation Tour.
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Thank you so much to Authors Evangeline Jennings & Juli D. Revezzo for joining us today, it's been a pleasure having you here.

Don't forget to add these amazing books on goodreads!!

Thank you to all the authors for being with us for this event and also to everyone who's popped in and added all their books, we hope you have found some awesome reads.

I look forward to doing this again very soon.


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