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Book Blitz - Rainy Days by A.S. Kelly

Title: Rainy Days (Four Days #1)

Author: A.S. Kelly

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 5, 2017


Tormented rock star Liam O’Reilly left Dublin and achieved success, hoping to build a new life, free from the demons of his past. Now that seems he’s got everything he ever wanted, why isn’t he happy? Is it because he’s realized that the most important thing in his life is the promise that he never kept?

Sensitive and damaged Rain O’Donovan lives with her brother and his friends in a tiny seaside town north of Dublin. Once a popular and lively schoolteacher, a car accident has wrecked her life, so that her only pleasure is walking in the rain, and her world revolves around mundane tasks, devoid of hope for the future. The amnesia around the time of the accident that changed everything means that her struggle with life is a day-to-day torture, and, more than anything else, she longs for answers.

When Liam returns to his home town after his two-year absence, he’s determined to try to make amends for the terrible mistakes he made.

But is it too late to put things right?

Rainy Days is a complete standalone and a part of the Four Days Series. Originally published in Italy and became a bestseller.

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“Didn’t you like staying there?” I ask, continuing to look ahead.

“It wasn’t for me. The big cities, the chaos, too many people—no, I definitely prefer places like this.”

“Like Howth? You prefer this town of fishermen to fame and success?” I say without realizing and turn my head to gauge his reaction. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

He looks at the horizon in heavy silence, brooding at the words we have not exchanged.

“How do you know?” he asks without having the courage to look at me.

“The other night in the pub, some girls recognized you. You were—you are—famous? Yes?”

He lets out a cynical laugh before responding.

“Famous—not really. I cut a few songs, did a few concerts, that’s all.”

“And why did you stop?” I ask uncertainly. I’m afraid I may have gone too far.

“It wasn’t for me and then—I left something behind.” And as he says it, his gaze falls right on me making me blush terribly.

“A-a g-girl?” I look away immediately while wishing the sand would swallow me up.

The truth is I don’t want to hear his answer.

Liam remains silent for a few minutes and in that time I think my heart might really stop and need some air. Then he gets up and squats down in front of me, forcing me to look at him. He takes my chin in his fingers and looks me right in the eyes; they call to me and unsettle me like the sea in a storm that leaves no escape.

“Whatever it was is not important now,” he says simply and then does something I would not have expected.

What happens is, his forehead rests against mine.

What happens is, he smiles at me before closing in on my lips.

What happens is, I feel the heat of his breath on my mouth.

What happens is, his lips press against mine, delicate, sweet and wet.

What happens is, my heart flies out of my chest and lands right between his hands.

What happens is that I understand I am in love and in the same moment I realize that I have definitely been in love before.

About The Author

A.S. Kelly was born in Italy but lives in Ireland with her husband, two children and a cat named Oscar. She’s passionate about English literature, she's a music lover and addicted to coffee. She spends her days in a small village North of Dublin, looking for inspiration for her next stories.

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