Friday, April 1, 2016

Book Review: Unspoken by Stephanie John

By Stephanie John

My first rule of business–never mix it with pleasure. Ever.

One unexpected encounter with a new employee and that fundamental rule was forgotten.

With a single touch, Kara Collins obliterated the order of my disciplined life, forcing me to question everything I believed in. Intuition told me I needed her, ensuring I couldn't forget my second rule.

Trust my instincts. Always.

Unspoken takes us back to the first meeting between Nate Blake and Kara Collins, retold from his POV. This short, sexy tease provides insight into the mind of this passionate, powerful and utterly addictive man. You can discover more about Nate in the full-length novel Salvation (Heal Me Series, Book 1), then prepare for the thrilling conclusion to Nate and Kara’s story in Book 2, scheduled mid-2016.

Unspoken can be read on its own, or as part of the Heal Me Series.

Warning: This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences over the age of 18 due to explicit content. Parental/reader discretion is advised.

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Short & Sweet Review 

They always say...there's two sides to every story. This side is from the gorgeous billionaire Nate's POV, I love that we get to delve into his thoughts and feelings from when he first meets Kara. I just love being inside a mans head and knowing what they are thinking, and having read Kara's POV already it made things even more fun and interesting. I devoured this book!!

A beautifully written story with amazing characters you'll want to check these books out!!
Salvation and Unspoken - add to your TBR piles!!! ^_^

Purchase your copy now!!


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