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Witness by Jamie Magee Blog Tour / Excerpt & Giveaway

Hey all, we're the next stop on the Witness blog tour. We have a special excerpt to share with you all. But first here's a little more info about Jamie Magee's new book Witness...

Forgetting who you are is hard, but not as hard as remembering. Remembering that you have no idea how to face your demons, how to save the lost.
Charlie is at a sacred threshold.

The ‘glass box’, as she calls it, is slowly falling. Her childhood has ended. The moment she has yearned for, the moment where she can go and do anything, anything at all without seeking permission is now. She’d dreamed of this time, all of her friends had, but now that it’s here, she doesn't know which way to run, or if she should even run at all.

Charlie knew that running would be a goodbye forever, and she didn’t want that, she wanted to freeze the time she was in, to stay in the calm before the storm, the illusion that she could out wit the ones who seek her, hold the one she loves, and play the music that gives her passion. She’ll soon discover no one can hide from their fate, that time does not stop in place, and that whether she chooses to perceive it or not, the darkness has come.

What Charlie feared most, losing him, is a threat now more than ever. A realm, a dark and twisted dream world has called him, and now she must fight to save him, and others like him. Standing in her way is a soul from another life, a boy that promises that he will destroy her world, to save her life. With this threat in hand, with the dark path that her friends are on, Charlie must fight to find a way to leave, to trust that beyond her dimension there are souls that can help her, help all of them. The only question is, will she find them before it's to late, and if she can't, how is she going to use her gift, the gifts they all share to save them.


Now, here's an Excerpt from Witness just for you guys...

I never went under seventy the entire way to Draven’s. A drive that should have taken fifteen minutes was cut into seven. My heart was beating so fast that I couldn’t breathe, and my stomach was in knots.

Once I turned in the driveway, I stopped a few feet in…I had to calm down. I took in long, deep breaths and told myself I was OK…I was imagining things…they didn’t see me….Bianca didn’t know I was there. I leaned my head against the seat and glanced in the rearview mirror; as I did, Britain’s Aston Martin slowly passed by Draven’s house. My foot was on the gas before I looked ahead. I peeled around the side of the house and threw the truck in park behind the garage, then ran toward the door. It was locked; panic came over me as I stood on my tip toes and reached for the light, for the key I knew was hidden there. I dropped it, then fumbled to pick it up and forced it in the key hole.

Inside, all of the blinds were closed and the house was quiet…so quiet, you’d think it was the dead of night. I locked the door behind me, then rushed through the kitchen to the entry hall and peered out the front window, looking for Britain’s car. He wouldn’t come here…he wouldn’t let Bianca come here, I thought over and over. I reached to my side, wanting to check my phone - but my bag wasn’t there; I’d left it with Evan…my phone was with Evan. I squinted my eyes closed as I thought of the texts that would be there when I got it back – what clever game of wits Britain was playing with me.

I stared out the window for countless minutes. When I saw no evidence of the Aston Martin driving by again, I turned and looked at the sleepy, dim house. I was a little surprised not to find Nana downstairs…she literally lived in the kitchen. I guess she was playing cards at a friend’s house. I could only assume that Aden was out just as late as Draven. They had been rehearsing new songs with a few guys across town for weeks now, and I had no doubt that they were both sleeping soundly.

I climbed the stairs, trying to catch my breath and slow my heart. My plan for today was in shambles. I wanted to talk to Draven…to tell him about Britain…but after talking to Evan, I was terrified to make him angry, to give reason for the nightmares he saw to be darker. I wasn’t sure how much weight I could give to the idea of his emotions controlling the intensity. The one person that would be able to explain if they did or didn’t would be Madison…that girl has always been able to understand others’ emotions…sometimes she understood them better than her own.

I slowly opened Draven’s bedroom door. The only light came from the sides of the drapes that were pulled. I saw him lying in the center of his bed, on his stomach…his shirt was off, and his arms were above his head under his pillow. My eyes moved across every perfect muscle in his back and long, strong arms. The sight of him literally took my breath away.

I quietly slid out of my shoes and let my hoodie fall to the floor, then tiptoed to the end of the bed. I crawled slowly along his side…he never moved. I let my lips rest on his arm; when he didn’t respond, I leaned closer and kissed his neck softly. I felt him smile against my cheek. Then he whispered, “If this is a dream…don’t wake me.”

The sound of his hypnotic voice made my skin hum. He pulled his arm from under the pillow and wrapped it around my side and pulled me against him. His lips were on mine before I could say a word. I took in every movement of his lips as if it were the air I needed to breathe. My arms tightened around his waist as I squeezed myself against his warm chest. The idea of losing him…of him fighting some dark nightmare... it was too much to bear. Tears came to the corner of my eyes; once Draven felt them against his balmy skin, his kiss hesitated, then he slowly pulled away and stared into my eyes.

“What’s wrong?” he whispered as his hand slowly moved along my side.

“I missed you,” I said in a quiet voice that echoed the pain my heart felt in his absence.

“I’m right here,” he whispered as he leaned down and began to move his lips across my neck. The sensation that was coursing through every part of me was almost enough to make me forget my morning…almost.

“I’m worried about you…I’m scared,” I whispered as I let out a breath of passion.

His lips halted, and as his eyes rose to meet mine, I saw them change from an alluring green to the color of coal. Before I could say or think anything, he flew out of the bed and stood staring across the room. Every muscle in his body was flexed – his eyes were fierce and peered at nothing.

Trembling, I raised to my knees. “Draven…,” I said faintly.

He didn’t make a sound – he didn’t even blink. I stood on the bed and moved closer to him. I was eye-to-eye with him, but I swear he couldn’t see me. I reached my trembling hands for his shoulders; I could feel a pulsating anger emanating from his skin.

“Draven,” I said again. When he didn’t respond, I pulled his stiff body closer to me. “Stop…you’re scaring me…I’m sorry – I love you,” I said as I reached my hands for his flawless face.

In that instant, green began to flood his eyes, and his arm raised and threw something across the room. The sound of it hitting the wall was so loud, so sudden, that I flung myself forward onto Draven. My arms were wrapped around his neck; I was holding him so tight, you’d have thought that my life depended on it. In that second, I felt his arms come around my waist. As he buried his face in my neck, his arms tightened around me.

At that moment, his bedroom door opened. I nervously looked over my shoulder to see a young boy, one of the boys that had come home with Evan, standing there. He looked from us to the wall across the room. My eyes followed his to see a black book with decorative metal silver edges logged in the wall; Draven had thrown it so hard that it stabbed the wall as if it were a dagger.

“A book…that’s different. Can I have it?” the boy asked as he took a step toward it.

Draven let go of me as he rushed to the door. “No…out – now!”

“Sorry – geeze,” the boy said, rolling his eyes. “Next time, I’ll just ignore the fact that it sounded like the wall was coming down.”

“Out!” Draven said as he reached the door. The boy locked eyes with me and smiled wickedly as Draven closed the door and locked it.

“Who…what…what’s going on?” I said as I fell to my knees on the bed.

Draven didn’t answer me. He walked to the wall and pulled the logged book loose. He flipped through the pages, then rolled his eyes before he flung it on the dresser at the foot of the bed. He started to pace the floor as he ran his fingers through his dark hair. My eyes moved over every inch of him. There wasn’t a moment in my life that I hadn’t thought he was the most utterly attractive human begin on the planet...but right now…seeing his anger…seeing the raw power he had just displayed…it…it just made him seem near godly – too perfect to touch.

“Draven,” I whispered.


A little about the author...

Jamie Magee has always believed that each of us have a defining gift that sets us apart from the rest of the world, she has always envied those who have known from their first breath what their gift was. Not knowing hers, she began a career in the fast paced world of business. Raising a young family, and competing to rise higher in that field would drive some to the point of insanity, but she always found a moment of escape in a passing daydream. Her imagination would take her to places she’d never been, introduce her to people she’s never known. Insight, her debuting novel, is a result of that powerful imagination. Today, she is grateful that not knowing what defined her, led her on a path of discovery that would always be a part of her.

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