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Picture Perfect Blog Tour Excerpt/Giveaway w/ Deena Remiel

Hey Book Lovers,
We have a little treat for you today. We are the next stop on Deena Remiel's blog book tour for Picture Perfect. We are so happy to be apart of this tour. Deena has to be one of my favorite authors, she has such an amazing writing style, one that draws you in and has you hanging on every word, each story takes you on a new and exciting adventure. She's truely an inspiration.

Here's an excerpt from Picture Perfect...


“Stay right there! Don’t move! I gotta change the lighting real fast.”
No problem. I always like a woman’s firm breast smashed against my lips for extended periods of time. Jamie, the consummate professional, had felt the breasts of hundreds of women on his face, his lips, and in his hands during his successful modeling career. Today was no different. Except for one tiny difference. The model whose breast was gracing his lips wanted it there, not so much for the exquisite photo it would provide, but for herself. He sighed inwardly. How many times would he have to tell Brittany that they were just friends, that the poses were strictly business? It was a mixed blessing that they took such amazing shots together. It was like they knew exactly how to move together as one, giving the photographer what he wanted- sensuality that was over the top. But when the camera stopped clicking, it was over. For Jamie. Apparently, Brittany kept losing that memo.
“All right, got it. Now you can move. Really heighten the sensuality now.” The photographer turned up the volume on his iPod as Chris Isaak crooned Wicked Game and sent erotic vibes throughout the hotel room.
Jamie lost himself in the passionate play, raking seeking fingers through Brittany’s hair and licking her neck to earlobe. Brittany gave him a tempting stare, moaned and arched back, giving him full reign over her body. He leaned forward, resting his head on her breasts and closed his eyes. He trailed his hands down her waist to her panties and tugged.
“Hold it! Changing position!”
“I can’t hold it, Bill! My back is killing me!” She crumpled all the way to the mattress. “I need a break. Can we break for ten minutes, sugar?”
“Bill, take ten.” The photographer nodded, set down the camera, and left the hotel room. “Go ahead and relax, Brit. I have a phone call to make anyway.”
“I thought maybe we could relax together, you know?” She raised her arms and grabbed Jamie on top of her. “Release some of this extra tension and energy.”
“Brittany, I….” He raised himself off of her. “I thought we had an understanding.”
“Oh, you’re no fun at all.” She got up on her knees and played with the waistband of her panties. “I know you want me, James. You always want me. You just like to play hard to get.”
She pushed her breasts against his chest. He gently but firmly grabbed her shoulders and pushed her off. “Save it for the camera, honey, okay?”
“You’re seriously not going to take me up on my offer?”
“I didn’t the first time you offered, or the second. And I’m not going to now. We’ve got a great business relationship, Brit. For the camera only. Let’s keep it that way.” He hated to have to say this over and over again, but she played thick as a brick.
She pouted, sulked, and got off the bed. He watched as she picked up her jeans and squeezed herself into each pant leg. She snatched her shirt from the bureau.
“Uh , what are you doing?”
What does it look like I’m doing? I’m leaving.” She thrust her head through the neck of the t-shirt, pulled it down, and walked out of the bedroom part of the suite.
Jamie jumped off the bed and hurried after her in his boxers. “What are you talking about? We still have three more hours to shoot. That’s what I contracted the photographer for. You can’t just walk out on me like this.”
She walked to the door, turned, and glared at him. “Watch me.”
“You’re backing out on me just because I won’t screw you? Seriously?”
“When you figure out that we are meant to be together behind the camera as well as in front, you can call me. Maybe I’ll be around. But, I’m done with you and your mixed messages.” She opened the door and stormed out leaving Jamie standing in the middle of the room, scratching his head in amazement.

A little about Deena Remiel..

It was the mystique of Arizona’s history and landscape that called to Deena and catapulted her career as an author. When she’s not writing novels and poetry in the wee, small hours of the morning or in the deep, dark of night, Deena teaches language arts to middle school students. She currently lives in Gilbert with her husband and two children, but New Jersey will always tug at her heartstrings.

Follow the tour to the end for the amazing Final Stop giveaway.



For your chance to win a e-copy of Picture Perfect just leave a comment with your email addy and tell us... 'what your favorite Picture Perfect moment is?' (could be anything) Winner will be announced 27th August.

The next stop on the tour is over with Me And Reading

Oh, we can't forget Jimmy Thomas a gorgeous romance cover model, who just happens to be on Deena's Picture Perfect cover. ( also the Brethren Beginnings cover) *swoons*

Phew! Did it just get hotter in here?  Happy Reading! *winks*


  1. Love Love Love! Great post! Jimmy is awesome. So is Deena.

  2. you keep teasing me with this book. I can't wait mama, I gotta pick it up! Smootches my fellow Philly gal.

  3. Hmmm sounds steamy Jimmy is inspiring can't wait to read this one too. I am excited to see more from you! HUGS*

  4. There will be 3 excerpts total during this tour, so be on the lookout for another one... ;)

  5. Great excerpt! This story sounds amazing! It's definiitely going to the top of my TBR list!


  6. Love the excerpt! I really want to read this!!! My favorite picture perfect moment would be a cloudless night with a beautiful view of the stars!

  7. Sounds like a great book! Well my picture perfect moments were the births of my children!! :)


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