Saturday, January 25, 2014

Review- Miami Steam by Chantal Verlaine

Title- Miami Steam
Author- Chantal Verlaine
Genre- Romance
Release Date- May 2009
Publisher- Liquid Silver Books

Review copy provided by author.

Blurb- Miami Star reporter Rebecca Challenger desperately needs a big story on the serial killer terrorizing the city in order to get a promotion to features writer. Her main source, lead homicide detective Rick Gonzalez, despises reporters. As the pair spar over the story, they’re both jolted by a white-hot current of mutual attraction. They overcome their mistrust to start a promising love affair, but overheard gossip causes Rebecca to shy away. Baffled and hurt by Rebecca’s sudden rejection, Rick vows to forget her. That is, until the serial killer, enraged by Rebecca’s story about him, kidnaps her, and Rick must rescue the woman of his dreams. Can true love endure in the face of misunderstandings and a psychopath’s wiles?

 4 Sassy Books!

Review- This fast-paced short read is full of suspense, action and steaming sexual tension that is sure to absorb and entertain you. From trying to capture a killer on the loose to fighting the rippling sexual tension, Rebecca and Rick are one steamy couple.

Miami Steam has an easy to follow storyline and is the perfect hot, short story to fill some time. 

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