Monday, January 13, 2014

Review- Die Trying: A Zombie Apocalypse by Nicholas Ryan

Title- Die Trying
Author- Nicholas Ryan
Genre- Horror
Release Date- 2nd of January 2014

Review copy provided author.

Blurb- Trapped amidst the horror of the zombie apocalypse, three men hear the
sound of a helicopter overhead and know it represents their last desperate
hope to survive the terror and reach safety.
But survival comes at a cost - and the undead hordes that ravage the world are
not the only lurking evil the men must face.
But for Mitch Logan, his brother, Jed, and their friend, Clinton Harrigan, there is no choice. They must fight to survive - or Die Trying. . 

 4 Sassy Books!
Review-  Die Trying is action packed and full of gruesome gore that had my skin crawling from start to finish. Every bloody scene delivered in such great detail that it threatened to scare my pants off.

Nicholas Ryan has created an easy to follow storyline with realistic characters that will leave you having nightmares.

Die Trying is a zombie apocalypse that is a must read! 

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