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Review- Kissed by a Dark Prince by Felicity Heaton

Title- Kissed by a Dark Prince
Author- Felicity Heaton
Genre- Paranormal Romance
Release Date- 30th of November 2013

Review copy provided by author.

Blurb- Olivia thinks it’s her lucky night when a dangerously handsome unconscious fae ends up on her inspection table. He’s her chance to redeem herself with her employer, the demon-hunting organisation, Archangel. But when the tall, dark and deadly immortal warrior awakes, she gets much more than she bargained for…

Attacked by his enemy in the elf kingdom, the last thing Prince Loren expects when he comes around is a beautiful angel watching over him and medical technology of the mortal realm. Hazy from his injuries, all he can focus on is the pulse ticking in her throat and the sweet allure of her blood.

One single bite reveals she is his eternal mate, triggering a bond between them that will leave him weakened until it is complete… or broken, and pulling Olivia into the crossfire of his ancient feud.

To protect his people and his mate from the machinations of a madman, Loren must risk everything by working with Olivia at Archangel to find a way to break the bond blossoming between them.

But will Loren be strong enough to place duty before desire and give up the one thing he has waited millennia for and craves above all others—his eternal mate? And will Olivia be able to resist the incredible heat that burns between them and the temptation of her dark prince’s kiss?

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Review-  Felicity Heaton always creates such unique and creative storylines and this one is no exception. She also manages to create such intense and sexually charged relationships and Kissed by a Dark Prince is full of it. A story of fated love full of passion but also full of uncertainty. 

While I enjoyed the overall storyline and characters, I found that in some areas of the book it seemed to drag a little bit. Explanations for some scenes could go on for up to nearly a page and a half and some were so heavily descriptive that I found myself getting a little bored. The characters thoughts also tended to go off on a tangent before coming back to what was actually happening. But with that said, I did enjoy watching Olivia and Lorens relationship unfold and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the action and drama throughout the book.

With all that said, Kissed by a Dark Prince is an intriguing story with the characters being just as intriguing. The action was intense, the romance was intense and the characters loveable. Just be prepared for a little extensive reading in the descriptive department.

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