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**BOOK BLITZ** State of Pursuit by Summer Lane

State of Pursuit
(Collapse Series, #4)
by Summer Lane
Publication date: June 6th 2014
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult
Cassidy Hart is alone.

Her Commander and the love of her life, Chris Young, has gone missing in action. A horrific battle with Omega has left too many good men and women dead, and Cassidy must bear the burden of leadership in the militia on her own.

But she’s not about to give up.

With the help of her faithful friends – and former enemies – she will stop at nothing to rescue Chris and ensure victory for the militias in their fight against the all-powerful Omega forces.

The game has shifted. This time, Cassidy is one step ahead of the enemy.

This time, Cassidy is in charge.

Collapse Series #4 – YA/NA Romantic Adventure – National Bestselling Series



Guest Post with Summer Lane

Taking Control

One of the coolest things about State of Pursuit is that Cassidy must be totally and completely independent. She’s gone from being a naïve teenager to a kick-butt sniper in the National Guard, and this is the first time she answers to no one but herself. She is in control, and that premise was exciting for me as a writer.

Cassidy’s character growth has been a real journey for me – very real. She has grown as the series has grown, and to finally see her step up and take charge has been the critical moment in this story that I’ve been waiting for. For the first time, she is in charge. She’s a reluctant leader – forced into it because Chris has been taken captive by the enemy, Omega. Getting into Cassidy’s head for this transformation was an intense experience. Suddenly, Cassidy has experienced loss on a level that she has never experienced before. She is sad, she is angry, and she is determined. Her sarcastic nature is still intact, but it is overpowered by her will. The battlefield experience and hard times that she has been through has given her a hardened edge and a new perspective on the world. She knows what needs to be done, and she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty in the process.

I have had the character of Cassidy Hart in my pocket since I was about fourteen, but she never got a chance to shine until I wrote The Collapse Series. I can hardly believe that I’m on my fourth book. I can’t wait to get started on the fifth!


Summer Lane is the author of the national bestselling Collapse Series, which currently includes State of Emergency, State of Chaos, State of Rebellion and the fourth installment, State of Pursuit - releasing June 6th, 2014. She owns WB Publishing, and is the CEO of The Art of Storytelling, an upcoming creative writing program for children.

Summer is also the founder of Writing Belle, an online magazine dedicated to the art of storytelling. She is a consultant, creative writing teacher and journalist. Check out Writing Belle for interviews with upcoming authors and insights into the world of publishing!

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  1. I'm not sure if it is because its my favourite genre but there seems to be lots of dystopian/post apocalyptic titles emerging.
    For my Post Apocalyptic Survival team I'd want Darla & Alex from Mike Mullin's Ashfall Series, and Justin & Carly from The End Of All Things by Lissa Bryan, Connor Wilde from Capmbell by C S Starr, Fi,Asher & Sean from The Eden's Root by Rachel Fisher, hmmm I think I'd have a decent chance of survival with them lol


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