Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Girl of Diamonds & Rust Blog Tour!

 The Girl of Diamonds & Rust
(The Half Shell Series) 
Author: Susan Ward 
Hosted by: Beautiful Promotions

Chrissie decides her fate by choosing the man she will marry. But which love

does she pick? The love of a friend, or the great love of her life?

Does it matter the turns Chrissie takes? Or will her

life be as it should? Can a woman fight her own fate? And is her

perfect guy, as perfect as he seems? Does happily ever after come

simply for Chrissie?

Secrets are revealed as The Half Shell

universe collides with the Affair Without End series in a dramatic,

unexpected, emotionally intense journey of a rich girl with dark

secrets finding love with a troubled rocker.

 “Maybe this is love. Protecting the part of yourself most important to you

and knowing when to let go so that you can keep a small piece of that

person alive and real in your heart.”~~Chrissie Parker

He will never need you the way I need you. He will never want you as I

want you. He will never love you the way I love you. I don’t care

if you are in love with Alan. I am in love with you.”~~Neil Stanton

Just stay and be good to me.”~~Alan Manzone


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