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**SPOTLIGHT & DREAM CAST** Pieces of Three by Kim Carmichael

 Pieces of Three
By Kim Carmichael

Some go through their whole lives looking for their other half…some are pieces of three.

Of all the different shifter species in the Okeanos Archipelago, none is more feared than the Lykans, the wolf shifters, diseased, destructive thieves who had been ostracized decades ago.  In fact, history shows that no human has ever survived mating with a Lykan.
As liaison between the humans and the shifters for Anthros Island, all Alyssa Wilkinson wants is to become an Ambassador and explore the archipelago to study the species she'd been fascinated with her whole life. She only needs to gain her confidence and overcome her fear of water.
With disease ravaging their females, Lykan shifters, Julian Chalis and Porter Galen have come to Anthros searching for a cure.  Captured, their only hope is found in a tiny human with large principles.
When the three of them are shipwrecked on an isolated island after a storm, Julian and Porter find themselves in the middle of the Lykan lunar mating cycle.  Both wanting Alyssa, they give into their desires and choose to share her, never realizing they could be risking her life.
However, when Alyssa falls ill, Julian and Porter must return to Anthros, the island of the enemy, to save the one they love.   

Pieces of Three is a completed 50,000-word paranormal ménage romance (MFM).

Pieces of Three Dream Cast

Alyssa – Jessica Alba (I met her once she was really sweet)

Julian – Josh Holloway (He’s like every one of my heroes I have to admit it.)

Porter – Christian Bale (But he would have to be nice on set)

Noah -  Alan Alda (Cause really who wouldn’t want to cast Alan in something?)

The Gatari Woman – Actually any female who has ever played in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats (Yes that is 
what I pictured when writing it)

Secretary Girard –  Dustin Hoffman (Cause it’s a really multi-faceted role)


Aktrosian Guard – Channing Tatum (Does one really need a reason to choose Channing Tatum for anything?  I met him once too OMG)

"The fruit you ate before, it acts as an aphrodisiac." Porter cleared his throat. "We know how aroused you are, and it's making us insane."
"What?" She covered her chest with her hand. Even with the interruption every part of her tingled, begged for attention. 
"You can't hide from us." Julian moved her arm aside. "We can smell your arousal, we know you have wanted us for a while, but you couldn't decide who you wanted more."
Her research never mentioned shifters were also mind readers.
"That fruit is just giving you a little taste into the torture we feel by just looking at you. Julian cupped her breast, his thumb barely making contact with her stiff, tender nipple. "We both want you. We both wanted you from the moment we saw you fall into the room."
"Never doubt that." Porter wrapped one arm around her waist. 
Her focus darted between the two of them and she shook her head. The words they spoke couldn't be real, neither could be the way they were all in the same bed together. She opened her mouth but had no reply.
"So since we both want you and have agreed to both have you, you have to make one more choice." Julian lifted his eyebrows. "Above all else remember that we want you."
Both have her? She held her breath. 
"We don't want you to be with us because your body is in pain, we understand the agony." Porter continued. "We are giving you the choice of either having us satisfy you, leaving you alone to take of your problem yourself, or…"
Her cheeks heated and she waited for what came next.
"We want to mate with you." Porter pulled her toward him.
Julian lowered his face closer to hers. "He means we want to make love to you."
In truth, there was no choice to be made, she wanted them and they knew it, and in some insane twist of luck she won the ultimate prize. No matter if it were only for this one fleeting second, as always she acted fast, scared she would change her mind and squander her chance to live the fantasy no matter what the cost. Her life opened up the moment she met them. How could being with them be wrong? They were all she had. "I want you…both." 

 About the Author 

 Kim Carmichael began writing eight years ago when her need for graphic sex scenes and love of happy endings inspired her to create her own. She has a weakness for bad boys and techno geeks, and married her own computer whiz after he proved he could keep her all her gadgets running. When not writing, she can usually be found slathered in sunscreen trolling Los Angeles and helping top doctors build their practices.
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