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**SPOTLIGHT** Choice Affairs & Encore by Jamie Salisbury

Hey all, today we have author Jamie Salisbury with us sharing two of her novels. Enjoy! ^_^

Choice Affairs
 (Book #2-Southern Heat Series)
Delicious Apolo Choice...the handsome and sexy newly appointed United States Senator embraces his new career with the same vigor he does everything in life, including his new bride. 

Caitlyn Choice shares Apolo's enthusiasm, looking to help her husband make his mark both in the bedroom and on Capitol Hill.
Apolo is determined to keep his new wife safe in spite of all of the outside forces working to bring their world crashing down.

Add to the mix meddling family members who crave the spotlight created by the handsome new senator's appointment. Sprinkle in the underbelly of Washington politics who dislike the billionaire. 

Plus add a young reporter with his eyes on a Pulitzer who is out to embarrass the senator by exposing Apolo and his bride's unusual lifestyle. 

Leaving behind a staff in Atlanta, that think while the cat’s away the mice can play. How can Apolo and Caitlin focus on the job in Washington, when others at Choice Enterprises are taking advantage of an absent and preoccupied owner?

Choice Affairs - Excerpt
"Apolo, who are you calling?" I inquired, as though I didn't know.
"Your mother! I've been more than patient with the woman. I've overlooked things she has said or done that ordinarily I wouldn't. She was the entire reason we waited to start preparations. So that she would be safely back in Ireland. Now, less than a week out, she decides to ignore everything we implored upon her not to do. She's selfish, Caitlyn. The woman thinks of no one but herself, and it stops now."
I bit my lip, trying desperately not to smile. That wouldn't be a good thing to do right now. Apolo Choice did not tolerate anyone, not even family, doing as my mother just had.
He caught my amusement anyway. "What?" he bellowed, his eyes dark and menacing.
"Are you done ranting?"
"No! I'm just getting started. She has to be taught a lesson, and I know the perfect way to get her attention. While I'm doing that, I want you to get Izzie and Eloise on the line. The four of us have some meddling-mother-of-the-bride counter attacks to plan out."
"What are you up to, Apolo?" I gazed warily at him as he found my mother's number and let the games begin.
"You'll see."
That's what I was afraid of—Apolo Choice and my mother, Susan Pickett White, having a blow up mere days before our wedding. I sat, grimacing, waiting for her to pick up. Or would she? As savvy as my mother was, she was probably screening her calls, anticipating Apolo's response.
"Susan," he bellowed into the phone. "What in the name of hell were you thinking this morning? Going on some gossip show and telling the world every detail of our wedding. How dare you! Now, I’ve called to tell you that the ceremony is off. Thanks to you, the one day we asked for privacy has been ruined."
He stood, facing me, listening to my mother pleading. He was obviously having great fun toying with her.
"No, you may not speak to Caitlyn. Your daughter is too distraught by your selfishness to talk to anyone at the moment. I merely thought I'd let you know first-hand that the wedding has been cancelled. But you know, come to think of it, perhaps I should have gone on one of those shows you seem to relish and announced it to the entire world. Now, if you'll excuse me."
He hung up on my mother. Not many live to tell about doing that.


Mary Stuart lives quietly under the radar until a chance encounter from her past walks through the door of her London studio. Daniel Kennedy, world renown violinist with rock star good looks is in need of far more than hiring Mary to take pictures for his upcoming CD. Years after attending performing arts school together, destiny has brought them together, and on a collision course neither of them saw coming. Ah, amour!



Encore Excerpt

It was there one night when I was up on stage in my latex cat suit…my gimmick, my platform a mask, a Venetian masque. Always in one of three colors, purple, hot pink or green. I was an entirely different person as I sang my gut out and played my violin. Yeah you heard me right - violin. That night he stood at the edge of the stage, looking up at me, with a mischievous grin on his face. Mr. Violin Virtuoso himself, Daniel Kennedy. I had noticed him at the club a time or two before.
We had studied together in New York years ago. Only now, I could tell he was second guessing who I really was. Who is this woman who can make a violin weep, though not nearly as well as I can. She can, none the less, make the angels shed tears.
About half way through my set, I happened to glance down at this dangerously striking man and noticed he was still smiling. He raised his drink. Was it in a mock salute, or was it more? I was too into what I was doing to tell, much less care.
I never, ever mingled with the crowd after a show. Not that I wouldn't love to every now and then. No, I was afraid some young drunk jerk would pull off my mask, exposing my identity to the world. Then Archangel would be no more.
My requirements for playing in the clubs was a cab ride home and for the owner to escort me to the waiting cab, just in case. Other than that, I played for free. Self promotion at its best.
I was putting my violin away when I heard someone behind me. I immediately turned to see who it was. And Daniel Kennedy stood not three feet from me. In my personal space, again.
"Where did you learn to play?" he asked.
"Around," I replied smugly.
"Hmmm, mysterious. I like that. Could I interest you in a drink Ms. Archangel?"
"Thank you, but no. I make it a rule to never go out for drinks with clubbers."
"Ah, is that what I am?"
"Aren't you?"
The club owner appeared out of the hallway. "Cab's here. You ready, babe?"
I noted Daniel's grimace at the familiarity Jake had used with me. "Yeah, almost," I replied.
"Well, Mr. Kennedy, I look forward to seeing you brighten up my audience again soon." I smiled and turned toward the hall.
"Who are you?"
"Archangel, kind sir." Oh, he was fun.
"No, really, who are you? I feel we've met before."
"Oh, I bet you say that to all the girl's you try to pick up." I teased, but he wasn't deterred.
"What sort of name is Archangel, sweet?"
"What sort of name is Kennedy?" I shot back. "I thought you were French. Kennedy is anything but French."
"My mother's maiden name, if you must know. My father's name is much too hard for English speaking fans."
"Scottish or Irish Kennedy's?" I taunted walking down the hall and towards the back door, my cab, and freedom from this inquisitive and delicious man.
"Scottish, why?"
"Just curious, that's all."
As I reached the door Jake was holding open, I turned and looked down the hall. Daniel had stopped, his arms folded over his chest, his legs wide apart. He was quite a handsome thing with all his bling, tight jeans, T-shirt, and jacket. His face was rough with scruff. And that hair! My God what woman wouldn't die for a head of luscious hair like that?
Rather than continue drooling, I blew a crimson-stained kiss in his direction. "This is for you, Mr. Daniel Kennedy."
He played along, pretending to catch my kiss in his hand. He closed his hand and placed it over his heart. His smile made my body tingle in places-well in places that it hadn't tingled in quite a long time.
Raising my arm as high as it would go, I waved then pivoted on the ball of my foot. "Until next time, Mr. Daniel Kennedy. Good night."

About the author
Writing romance stories with passion and sass, Jamie Salisbury has seen several of her books soar to #1 on Amazon. Her novella, Tudor Rubato was a finalist in the 2012 RONE (Reward of Novel Excellence) awards. The cover won for Best Contemporary Cover. Now in 2014, her novel, Life and Lies was nominated for a RONE in the Erotica category. Her books are both self published and now include several published through Secret Cravings Publishing.
Music, traveling and history are among her passions when not writing. Her previous career in public relations in and around the entertainment field has afforded her with a treasure trove of endless story ideas.
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Twitter: @JamieRSalisbury

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