Friday, June 28, 2013

Review- Confesions of an Almost Girlfriend by Louise Rozett

Title- Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend (Confessions #2)
Author- Louise Rozett
Genre- YA
Release Date- 18th of June 2013
Publisher- Harlequin Australia

Review copy provided by publisher.

Blurb- Rose Zarelli has big plans for sophomore year—everything is going to be different. This year, she’s going to be the talented singer with the killer voice, the fabulous girl with the fashionista best friend, the brainiac who refuses to let Jamie Forta jerk her around...

...but if she’s not careful, she’s also going to be the sister who misses the signals, the daughter who can only think about her own pain, the “good girl” who finds herself in mid-scandal again (because no good deed goes unpunished) and possibly worst of all...the almost-girlfriend.

                                             When all else fails, stop looking for love and go find yourself.

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Review- A new year, a new Rose. We continue on from Confessions of an Angry Girl with Rose about to start a new school year. She has her year all planned out, but as everyone knows, things don't always turn out the way we want them to.
Full of teen angst and drama ranging from bullying, friendship dramas, Jamie dramas to self discovery, Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend is one crazy roller-coaster ride of emotion that touches base with serious, real-life issues that all people can relate to.
Rozett has created a book and storyline that is well written, creative, original and  most importantly, relatable to it's readers. The characters are realistic with realistic problems which makes it easy to form an emotional connection to them and while it is directed at a YA audience, I think most young women would enjoy reading it. 
It also makes me so thankful that I am no longer a teenager!
Make sure you grab your copy of Confessions of an Almost Girlfriend!
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Thankyou to Harlequin for allowing me to review this awesome book!
And thankyou to everyone who has read my review!

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