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Review- Picking Up the Pieces by E.L Green

Title- Picking Up the Pieces
Author- E.L Green
Genre- Contemporary Romance/ MC
Release Date- July 2nd 2015
Self Published


A shattered heart. A damaged soul. A second chance. 
A journey of learning to love again, battling to pick up all the pieces. 

Ellie finally found her knight in shining armour. She thought she had her happily ever after. But of course, not all stories have a happy ending, and tragedy strikes in the worst form. Widowed at twenty-four, she turns to her old friend tequila. 
Her best friend and fellow nurse leaves England to start a new life in Vancouver, Canada, but not before inviting Ellie to join her. Both agree this could be the fresh start she needs. A way to escape her haunting memories. Unfortunately, life has other ideas and throws Ellie a new set of trials. The biggest one being Kyle—“Prez” of the Angels of Death MC. 
Kyle’s life is the MC… and his kid brother. He doesn’t do relationships. He doesn’t do love. But fate throws a feisty Brit in his path, with more baggage than a Boeing 747. Not only does Ellie manage to crawl under his skin, but she manages to unintentionally crawl her way into his normally stone-cold heart. 
“He didn’t even notice my scars. If he did, he looked straight through them. I knew right then all he could see was me. All of me. My hurt, my pain, my flaws, my conflict, my desire, my love… all the craziness that made my brain tick. He saw me. Only me.” 
Ellie finds herself on a journey of self-discovery as she not only has to come to terms with her past, but has to learn how to love again and accept her future. 
Kyle has to follow his own path and realise he is capable of love and there’s more to life than the club. 

“Who was I trying to kid? She was mine. She was mine the moment I saw her, packing my kid brother’s bullet wound in the middle of a hospital waiting room. She just didn't know it yet.” 


3.5 stars

Anyone who knows me knows that I can't pass up a good MC read, so when this review came my way I jumped right into it. But I must say that I finished feeling a little disappointed.

Let me explain.

Green has a great concept and story line. Beyond broken female just hanging on to life meets bad boy criminal biker "prez" who has had a rough life of his own. It has the backbone to create a really juicy and addictive story, if delivered in the right way. I did enjoy the characters, especially Kyle, however I could not stand Ellie who is the main character. So when you have to read her for the majority of the book, it does get a little frustrating. I found her character to be a little over the top. Every single thing a trigger to drink or have a panic attack. I found the whole "damaged character" title over abused. It did get exhausting to read. I also noticed that the characters personalities were quite choppy, not fluent.

The writing itself was just ok. Being a debut author it can be forgiven, slightly. It was jumpy in places and would go from descriptive to not so much. I found that scenes that should have been more descriptive because of their importance weren't in comparison to less important scenes. The time frame I also found a little hard to follow because of this. Now I am a stickler when it comes to the way things are written and this is obviously just my point of view. Green did a great job for her first book but she needs a little more work on her skills.

If you would like to try it out for yourself you can purchase through the following links:

You can find E.L Green on FACEBOOK


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