Monday, April 8, 2013

Spotlight: Sacred Treason (#1) & The Roots Of Betrayal (b#2) by James Forrester w/ ebook giveaway

Sacred Treason
(Clarenceux Trilogy #1)
by James Forrester
Your God. Your Country. Your Kin.
Who Do You Betray?

1563: Anyone could be a suspect; any Catholic could be accused of plotting against the throne. Clarenceux keeps his head down and his religion quiet. But when a friend desperately pleads with Clarenceux to hide a manuscript for him, he is drawn into a web of treachery and conspiracy he may never untangle. Is there no refuge if your faith is your enemy?
The Roots Of Betrayal
(Clarenceux Trilogy #2)
by James Forrester
It’s 1564, and England is teetering on the brink of conflict. Royal herald Clarenceux has been entrusted to protect a document with a secret so powerful it could challenge Elizabeth’s legitimacy on the throne.
When the document is goes missing, Clarenceux suspects a secret society known as the Knights of the Round Table. On a journey from the Tower of London to a pirate ship inspired by real Elizabethan Peter Carew, Clarenceux’s pursuit of the truth pulls him into both a shocking conspiracy and a forbidden love, forcing him to make a choice: betray his country, faith, family, or himself?
Last fall, critics praised the Elizabethan novel Sacred Treason; Phillippa Gregory wrote, “I liked this novel immensely. James Forrester captures the sights, smells and dangers of Tudor England and tells a gripping story.”
But for anyone who missed it, we’re offering a free ebook of Sacred Treason for anyone who preorders the new followup novel, The Roots of Betrayal.
To get the free ebook: Readers can email proof of preorder to until April 30, and will receive a code to download the book through our website,
Praise for Sacred Treason:
“James Forrester captures the sights, smells and dangers of Tudor England and tells a gripping story.” – Philippa Gregory
“An edge-of-your-seat thriller, a mystery, a character study, and a historical drama … If you enjoy historical mysteries, stories of Tudor England, or religious drama, I highly recommend Sacred Treason.” – Fresh Fiction
“[Forrester] vividly renders emotional scenes, and the book’s villains are sufficiently despicable to keep readers rooting for Clarenceux in this strong beginning to the trilogy.” – Publishers Weekly
“An ingenious, authentically imagined treat from an author who knows how to conjure up a vanished world” – The Times of London
“A brilliant mystery adventure ... seamlessly incorporating known facts and people of the time ... A must read for historical fiction lovers.” – Passages to the Past
“Seamless and addictive … You may find yourself up to all hours of the night reading it.” – Turning the Pages
“Fans of Elizabethan fiction are legion, and they won’t be disappointed by the fierce action and plot twists of this historical thriller, the first volume in a new trilogy.” – Library Journal
“Reading Sacred Treason was like being completely immersed in the world of 16th Century England (without the smells). It was bracing and marvelous and compelling from beginning to end.” – Book Lovers Inc.

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