Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Book Review: Intrigue by E.B. Walters

Their mistake…
A one-night that turned into three days of decadence.
Terri Randal is tired of hiding from a man who believes she belongs to him—her stepbrother. She can’t sign a lease, open a bank account, or even use her legal name without him finding her. The only thing she has is her anonymity as the Chameleon, the masked organizer of high-stake poker games for billionaires.
Billionaire Roderick "Rod" Thorne has three vices. Beautiful women. Gambling. Booze. During the day, he pushes boundaries with his publications and shows. At night, he drowns his pain with high-stakes games and sexual escapades. Until a weekend spent with an unforgettable woman changes it all.
When Rod finds out the true identity of the Chameleon, he realizes he has the weapon to right a wrong that has haunted him for years.
Lies exposed. Secrets revealed. Sensual games. Will it lead to the revenge he dreams of or the riskiest bet of their lives--love?

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 I don't even know where to start, I seriously cannot praise this woman's work enough. No matter what genre, she seems to keep me hooked with every story.

This story is HOT and I mean palms sweating, panty wetting, heart pounding HOT. The characters have AH-MAZ-ING chemistry that draws you right in to their web. The storyline is fun, sexy and did I mention HOT? Play hard ride hard, right? *fans face* ^_^

I think Terri has landed a place in my top 5 kickass women, she's a chick who knows what she wants. Rod has definitely met his match in everyway possible.

Come get lost in the newest Infinitus Billionaires story. It can be read as a stand-alone but if you fall for Rod, you'll definitely fall hard for the other sexy billionaires.

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