Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review- Discovering Stella by K.M. Golland

If you haven't discovered this kick-ass author from down-under yet, you are missing out!

Title- Discovering Stella
Author- K.M. Golland
Publisher- MIRA
Release Date- 1st of September 2015


Only those who are lost can be found.

Stella Walker is fleeing from a past which haunts her on a daily basis, and from a city full of painful reminders of a life that’s no longer hers. In an attempt to escape her memories, she plans to reinvent herself in the sanctuary of a tiny town in rural Victoria, by tracking down the one person she hopes can help, her stepbrother. What Stella doesn’t anticipate is meeting his best friend Lawson Drake, a hotter-than-hot mechanic, the local knight in shining armour – and the most gorgeously infuriating man Stella has ever seen.

When Lawson comes across a broken-down car by the side of the road, he is intrigued by its owner – a caramel-eyed brunette who clearly has a score to settle, not only with her defective vehicle, but with anyone who tries to get too close. The thing is, something about her makes Lawson want to get as close as he can possibly get.
Can Lawson help Stella to fix her broken heart, and discover herself again? 

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Golland has once again sucked me in and made herself a comfy little spot in my heart for herself and her stories.

Discovering Stella was a beautiful story of loss, pain, love and discovery, delivered in true Golland style. A storyline that entices you in, a writing style to make you stay and characters that you will fall in love with. Especially Lawson.

Knight in shining armour.

Set in rural Victoria, Australia, it made for a comfortable read as I was able to picture everything so easily (being an Aussie myself) thanks to her simple yet detailed descriptions of everything. 

The best thing about Golland is that she has this amazing ability to make her stories so hot and sexy yet still manage to keep them classy, beautiful and touching. She also knows how to create characters that will cement themselves in your heart as you are reading. Each one bringing something different to the book.  She sure delivered with Discovering Stella.  

So if you feel like laughing, crying, getting butterflies, curling your toes and getting lost in an addictive story then Discovering Stella is the book to read!

P.S K.M. Golland- From the playlist throughout the book, I have come to the conclusion that we are soul mates. Either that or you stole my iPod.

Discovering Stella is available in all good book stockists around Australia.
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Happy Reading!

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