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Book Tour - Venomous Hunger by Mary Auclair

Mary Auclair
Series: Eok Warriors Book 2
Genre: Paranormal Romance, Science Fiction Romance
Publisher: Eclipse Press
Publication Date: May 25, 2018
His lust devours their worlds. Her love will free them both.
After being left for dead by her people, Aliena wakes up under the care of alien pirates. She escapes, only to be captured by a creature straight from her darkest nightmares, bent on the destruction of everything she holds dear.
An Eok warrior turned pirate, Kamal is one to be reckoned with. He is on a mission for the Eok nation, and his only goal is to find and save the humans before he can return to his life, a life he excels at. He has no intention to allow a headstrong human female to get in his way.
As Aliena embarks on a mission to rescue her uncle from Minister Knut’s clutches, Kamal is at a crossroads. If he chooses help the human, the price might well be his own life.
When the Mating Venom unleashes its torment, Kamal has to decide. Will he change his ways and claim Aliena’s heart, or is the life of an outlaw too hard to leave behind?
Publisher’s Note: This steamy, thrilling sci-fi romance is the second in the Eok Warriors series, however it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone.


Excerpt Kamal called for silence again but they were too far gone. He met Marmack’s eyes, wide and suddenly uncertain. The message was clear. They had lost control of the situation.

Rage boiled over the edge. Kamal felt it, annihilating everything else inside of him. No more reason, no more civilization. He was pure male wrath, protecting what was his at all cost.

He jumped on the platform where Aliena was trying her best to keep the crew at bay. A roar grew in his chest, the sound a primal threat, spewing out of him as he grabbed the female, snatching her from harm and pulling her tightly against his body.

“Mine!” The claim blanketed the clamor of the crowd. “She’s mine!”

A hand reached up, coming at Aliena’s ankle, and Kamal struck. His talons shot out and slashed, leaving the bloody limb to roll down onto the metallic floor in a blaze of blood. The male who’d dared to reach for Kamal’s female howled in pain and shock, scrambling away as he cradled his maimed arm to his chest.

“Mine!” Kamal could feel it rising, the taste of it on his tongue feeding a rage that was now mixing in equal parts with lust. The Mating Venom was back, and this time, it would do more than push him to the brink of insanity. “I claim this female as mine, and any single one of you who wishes to lay a finger on her will have to challenge me.”

The crowd receded, leaving a healthy distance around the platform as Kamal’s claim registered in their minds. They knew pirate law. They also knew Eok laws.

He had just claimed a mate. No one would dare to stand between him and the female now.

I’m sorry, Little Bird, Kamal thought through his rapidly clouding mind. I meant for you to have a choice, but it’s me or death, and I won’t suffer to see you harmed.

Aliena moved in his arms, trying to get away from him. Mating Venom trickled down his throat, pushing fire inside his bloodstream. His growl had her stiffening, and she turned wide, scared eyes to him.

Somewhere, far in the back of his mind, he realized she had no idea what he’d just done, what he was about to do, but he was too far gone.

“Turn.” His voice left his mouth, but it wasn’t his own anymore. It was the growl of some feral creature. “Don’t move.”

Aliena swallowed, and he followed the movement down the softness of her throat. Her lips were shining with moisture and she was breathing so close to his mouth. His lips curled in a silent hiss, exposing his fangs. She nodded, then turned around as his hands closed on her body, molding her to him. His seed stem throbbed against her ass through the heavy fabric as her female scent invaded his nostrils, laden with the pheromones of fear.

His need to possess her was an all-consuming ache.

Blue light cast shadows on the skin of her cheek as he brought his mouth to the back of her neck, pushing the mass of her hair away. Already, his fangs dripped with the intoxicating liquid and he used his tongue to massage it into her skin. He could feel her heartbeat, fast and frenzied, just under his tongue.

Victim to the erotic side-effect of the Mating Venom, Aliena arched her back and the softest feminine moan escaped her lips.

The instinct to bite down was overwhelming, but Kamal refrained. Biting her there was dangerous, and he growled in frustration.

His talons ripped the heavy synthetic leather, exposing a graceful shoulder.


He bit down inside the curve of her shoulder, unrestrained. The Mating Venom flowed, entering her bloodstream. Aliena screamed in shock, then her scream turned to pleasure as the complex compound of chemicals brought about its intended end. She nearly collapsed in his arms as rapture traveled through her body, distracting her from the pain of the bite.

He felt every ripple of the link between them snap into place. It dug inside each one of his cells like her very breath was etched with a dagger on the ivory of his bones. His lungs inflated as he breathed fast and deep, filling them with oxygen.

Then his head snapped up, his jaws freeing Aliena’s shoulder. He could still taste her blood on his tongue, along with the Mating Venom, the liquids dripping from his lips.

The song started as he kept her against him, the sounds flowing out of him in the mesmerized silence of the Mellark crew.

No. This can’t be.

His mind rebelled against the information even as his throat vibrated with the Bloodmating song, proclaiming to all a link that was as deep as the lifeblood in his veins.

As the song ended, Kamal straightened, Aliena still in his arms. One last time, he cast a warning glare across the crowd, then bent and picked up his new bloodmate in his arms.


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About Mary Auclair

Mary grew up in the quiet peace of a small rural village in the heart of Quebec, Canada.
She spent her childhood chasing butterflies and catching frogs, playing in the mud and generally being as unladylike as she could. Her love of science led her to complete a mechanical engineering degree at the Ecole Polytechnique of Montreal, where she met the love of her life.
Years later, as she enjoyed the role of full time mom to her two wonderful children, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer.
She now write as much as her busy schedule allows to bring to life her inner world, filled with exotic planets, mysterious creatures and off course, hot, alpha heroes and the women who melt their hearts.
When she's not writing, she can be found in the garden, walking her dogs or playing with fire in her kitchen as a part time hit-or-miss chef.
She loves to hear from her readers, so don't be shy and drop her a line!
Official website:
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