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Book Tour - The Agreement by Linda Burson

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Linda Burson

Series: Marcy Series Book 4
Genre: Romantic Suspense, Thriller
Publisher: Class Art Books
Publication Date: July 14, 2016
Life changing events...with unexpected results.
After the perfect honeymoon, Brad and Marcy return to reality to begin their new life together. Things seem to be going well until a nightmare event from her recent past returns to terrorize Marcy, and she is saved by Brad and a surprise visitor. This experience haunts Marcy making her miss Liam all the more. Unfortunately, Brad and Marcy’s wedded bliss runs into complications. Brad seems distant and cold, and Marcy is confused by his unexpected behavior.
When Marcy goes into labor, Brad is by her side. They finally get the results of the paternity test. Brad has to leave on a business trip for three weeks. Before he departs, Marcy confronts Brad about their crumbling marriage and decides it may be better for them to separate. Brad begs Marcy to reconsider pleading with her not to leave. He tells her how much he loves her and the baby, and he’ll make everything right.
For now, Marcy agrees to stay put with their son. During this time, Marcy receives a major shock. An evening of revenge is at hand. Brad returns and he and Marcy reconcile. Brad forms a surprising and unexpected friendship which changes the course of their lives.
"This book is filled with betrayal, love and surprises and you will feel like laughing and crying, sometimes both at the same time!!"
- Kirsty Noah-whitlock, Goodreads Reviewer


The next day is daunting for me because I’m still upset about what happened. That evening, back at the house, Brad’s watching TV. He receives a phone call he has to take. He goes upstairs into the office to talk. I come back from the kitchen with a drink of water and sit down on the couch. I see Brad’s watching the news. I hate the news, but I know Brad likes to watch it every night. As I’m looking at a magazine, a reporter starts a story which makes me take notice.

He talks about three bodies found in a back wooded area of central park early this morning by joggers. They say the three men were all in their twenties, two were Caucasian and one was Latino. They mention they don’t know the type of weapon used, but all three men were shot with the same rifle. This time they were shot in the head. Most of the killings last year the men were shot in the heart. They mention there hasn’t been a shooting like this since last June.

“It looks like whomever is behind these murders is back. Just like the past victims, all three men had previous criminal records and one was arrested recently but let go due to lack of evidence.”

I get a chill when I hear this report. So many memories flood my mind. If I hadn’t been there, I’d have wondered if it was Liam. But I know it was Dave, his partner, and Jason. I’m glad Brad didn’t hear this story. I hope they don’t repeat it when he’s watching. I certainly don’t want him connecting all these deaths. This disturbs me to the point where I can’t sleep for the next couple of days. My mind is reeling.

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About Linda Burson

Linda Burson, a native of Pennsylvania, but long time Connecticut resident, has been writing ever since she was a teenager. She started out writing memoirs and continued writing by attempting several nonfiction pieces.
After attending college, pursuing other interests, and traveling, a lot of Linda’s free time was spent reading mysteries, romance, and women’s contemporary novels.
After several attempts at writing nonfiction, but having life get in the way, she put her passion on hold again. She gave up writing to focus on raising her daughters, being a wife, running her own custom computerized embroidery business and taking care of her dog, a Lhasa Apso named Nathan.
After a serious bout of breast cancer, Linda eventually closed down her business after almost fifteen years. She decided it was time to attempt writing again. This time, however, with nothing to distract her, she decided on tackling fiction, a contemporary, commercial romance with a dark edge.
In January, 2013, she sat down with her laptop and started writing notes about how her novel would progress. After that, the writing began and it never stopped. Before she was aware of it, her idea of a single book turned into a trilogy, which turned into a much longer series called the MARCY SERIES. There are a total of 13 books in the series.
When asked about inspiration, Linda has this to say: “Nobody really inspired me to write, but I do remember my mother and father always saying ‘anything you put your mind to you can accomplish. Don’t ever let anyone tell you, you can’t do something.’ Having the support and encouragement of my family is also important.”
Linda is now in the process of writing a new thriller novel, a short story, and has just completed a mystery called Murder Among Friends, which is due to be published April 15, 2018. Her seventh book in the MARCY SERIES is due to be released mid 2018.
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